Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

Relying on vitamin D deficiency symptoms to determine if you are deficient is not the best idea.

This is because a lot of times we won't show symptoms, or they'll be so vague that it's easy to label them as something else.

We already know from many studies that most of us are vitamin D deficient.

In fact, it is estimated that 85-90% of Americans have very low vitamin D levels. This makes sense as the vast majority of us spend almost all of our time indoors.

So starting with the assumption that you need more vitamin D would be wise. You can start supplementing with a natural vitamin D supplement right away – no need to wait.

Then go in for vitamin D testing. The results will tell you exactly how low your levels are and get you on the proper vitamin D dosage.

The hallmark symptoms of deficiency are bone pain, soft tissue tenderness, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, muscle wasting, muscle weakness, low energy, a weak immune system, tooth and gum disease, and sleep disturbances.

Sometimes it manifests itself as a feeling that you just don't feel as healthy as you should – yet it appears as if nothing is wrong.

More severe vitamin D deficiency symptoms can be linked to depression, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, stroke, autoimmune disorders, nerve disease, bowel disorders, obesity, cancer, and other serious health threats.

How can this vitamin be related to all of these seemingly unrelated health concerns? Research is making everything more clear.

Vitamin D regulates over 200 genes and is responsible for the well-being of our entire body.

Vitamin D receptors have been discovered in the following tissues and organs:

pituitary glands
thyroid gland
prostate gland
adrenal glands
parathyroid gland
parotid gland
muscle tissue
breast tissue
stomach tissue

small and large intestines
bone marrow
pancreas cells
fat cells

The presence of these vitamin D receptors means that if concentrations of this nutrient are too low, the above organs and tissues will not function properly.

This is why vitamin D deficiency symptoms can be so widespread and appear to be unrelated.

This is also why being vitamin D deficient is such a serious health risk. 

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