Are You Vitamin D Deficient?

Most people do not believe they are vitamin D deficient. It's almost to the point of complete denial.

But most of us are simply dead wrong. Study after study shows that around 85-90% of the American population has vitamin D levels that are way too low.

Why is this?

Well, most of us spend very little time outside. The sun is one of the few sources of vitamin D after all.

And even if we do manage to make some time to soak up the sun (without sunscreen), take a look at this map below.

our skin can only make vitamin D in the summer months above the 37 N latitude line

See that red line?

If you live above that line (which is the 37 N latitude line), your skin can only make vitamin D during the summer months.

During the rest of the year the UVB rays produced by the sun are too weak to make the conversion to vitamin D in your skin.

Maybe you think you're safe if you live below the red line? Nope, sorry, you're still probably vitamin D deficient.

A study done in 2006 in Arizona (our sunniest state) showed that only 22.7% of Arizonans had vitamin D levels above 30 ng/ml.

That level is barely enough to sustain strong bones, and is woefully inadequate when it comes to disease prevention (which is above 50 ng/ml). That means 77% of the population is getting only enough of a vitamin D dosage to prevent rickets. Not good.

Especially when vitamin D receptors have been found all throughout the body, which explains why vitamin D deficiency symptoms impact so many aspects of our health.

Who is the most at risk?

  • Darker-skinned people need more than lighter-skinned people
  • Older people need more than younger people
  • Fatter people need more than skinnier people
  • Sick people need more than healthy people

How can you know for sure if you are deficient? Ask your doctor if he/she does vitamin D testing.

Once you know your what your levels are, you can get them into the optimal range with a natural vitamin D supplement.

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