About Us - The Family Behind the Site

My name (the bald guy in the photo) is Brian Bellamy. I'm new here as of January 11, 2016. Staying true to the original mission, we're growing this website and the information on it to share natural ways to help your body heal itself.

I am incredibly fortunate to have a beautiful wife who has painstakingly studied the path of living in holistic health for the past 20 years since we married. She has read hundreds of studies and books over these years and experienced the results of holistic living for herself. Of course, with six children, Vicki and I both struggle with the ups and downs of a busy life.

I have engaged Vicki in many in depth debates, discussions, and studies, while soaking up a lot of great information by learning from her. Not at first though. After all, how many husbands always listen to their wives?!

That is where this website comes in. I am now 47 and ready to be younger next year, as they say. Vicki and I are going to continue her study and our debate while sharing our experiences and knowledge here.

Our mission is to help you recover.

Have you been for blood tests, but everything came back clean.

Maybe you can guess what comes next?

What do most American doctors do when they can't find anything "wrong" with you? They assume it's all in your head.

So you tell the doctor over and over again that your not depressed (sometimes things are actually going very well for you despite your health issues), and he finally just shrugs and says, "Well, you're not as young as you used to be."

That's not an answer. How can a doctor look a 21 year old, 40 year old, or even 60 year old in the eyes and say that your too old is beyond me. Such statements leave frightening images of what you may feel like 5, 10 or 20 years.

Modern medicine cannot always help you. It may be time to return to the holistic roots of your ancestors, before the days of sedentary lifestyle and mass produced food. 

It may be time to refuse the Prozac prescription that your physician offers without explanation or merit and walk out of that doctor's office. It may be time to live a healthy life by caring for our bodies the way that nature intended.

So what is wrong with you?

It may take a lot of research, but you can get to the bottom of why you are seemingly trapped in the body of a senior citizen.

Are you tired of all the "band-aids" out there and want to address the actual cause of your problems. This is the basic principle of holistic medicine.

So what was it that is ailing you? Well, it could be lots of things!

You may discover that you are deficient in many nutrients and have significant hormonal imbalances. All thanks to a rampant Candida albicans infection that has taken over your gut.

But candida normally doesn't take over in a healthy person. It is kept under control by the beneficial organisms that live there.

So what is the ultimate cause of your health problems? It could be that your body pH has become severely acidic. A severely acidic body can starve the body for oxygen and other nutrients. This can put your immune system into shambles and cause it to cry out for help.

But that is before adopting the holistic principles within these pages and articles...

Now you can help your immune system become incredibly strong. So much so that you may experience wellness for decades to come. You can substantially reduce the chances of catching even a tiny cold.

This website contains detailed information learned by Vicki and I from experts in health and wellness (and more!) to help you on your way to a vibrant recovery.

Boost the Immune System
Our Goal: Find the Best Holistic Approaches)

Besides Vicki's background in the study of holistic health, I also have a background in research and analysis through my work in intellectual property that I use for reviewing the latest and understanding the most effective holistic approaches.

I will use my skills in sharing the details of scientifically specialized fields that very few people have heard of, such as flow cytometry, that has been discussed within the articles of this website in the past.

Basically, flow cytometry involves the study of cells of various species utilizing this particular technology. The instrumentation used allows cells to be seen that have been "tagged" with fluorescent particles. These tags can be used to identify cells, track them, "listen in" on what they are saying to other cells, and more.

It can be easy to forget that we are made up of trillions of single cells all working together like a well-run city.

What you are about to see is an immune system cell doing a little "house cleaning." This little guy's actions are part of what keeps you well.

This neutrophil (the most common white blood cell in humans) fluidly moves around all the red blood cells trying to capture a type of bacteria. It is using chemical signals to give chase to the bug until it finally "eats" it.

Pretty cool, right?

This is just one example of all the crazy things that go on in your body everyday without you even knowing about it.

And, all just to keep you well.

- About Me