Where to Find the Best Vitamin C Supplement?

GMO-free sources are incredibly hard to find

Why try to find the best vitamin C supplement? Aren't they all basically the same? Actually, no.

Many contain fillers and binders that have not been tested for safety by any publicly accountable organization. When taking the kind of doses required to reap all the benefits of vitamin C, you don't want to end up ingesting lots of questionable ingredients.

Another concern is that almost all sources of vitamin C come from genetically modified crops.

For those of us concerned about our health, avoiding GMOs is a top priority. Vitamin manufacturers know that the public is suspicious about these franken-foods, so they have been very quiet about adding them to our supplements.

Vitamin C, as the most commonly consumed health supplement, has become the poster child of this affront.

People trying to improve their health read about all those wonderful vitamin C benefits. They go to the nearest grocery store or health food store and grab the first bottle they see. Most of the public is completely unaware that they are ingesting a product made from GMO's.

So what is a health-conscious consumer to do when looking for the best vitamin C to take?

If you prefer avoiding genetically modified crops (as I do), look for a non-GMO product. Unfortunately, they are hard to find. Most vitamin C supplements are made from GMO corn and, lately, sugar beets.

Unless it explicitly states non-GMO, assume that it is made at least partially from GMO crops.

I buy my ascorbic acid from PureBulk.com. Their products are made from non-GMO corn. This small company has excellent prices, fast shipping, and great service.

If you have a corn allergy, or simply prefer a non-corn source, check out the Vitamin C Foundation. They have a non-GMO, corn-free vitamin C powder. It is much more expensive than the purebulk vitamin C, though.

Ascorbic acid crystals are perfect for doing a vitamin C flush. They are also great for people wanting to use vitamin C as a common cold remedy. They are available in pill form too (1,000 mg per pill).

I don't recommend the buffered vitamin C for the high dosages required for a flush or common cold cure though.

That's because you can end up ingesting WAY TOO MANY minerals. Plus the minerals need to be broken down in the digestive tract. This slows down the effectiveness of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid goes to work right away as it is absorbed through the stomach lining.

For those with sensitive stomachs needing high dosages, try adding just a pinch of baking soda to your ascorbic acid powder. It will make a nice fizzy drink when mixed with water or juice and will be gentler on your stomach.

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