Health Benefits of Vitamin C

fruits high in beneficial vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C are indeed numerous, but only when our bodies get enough through diet and supplements.

Although it is probably best known for its ability to boost immune system health, this powerful nutrient serves many important functions.

Here are just some of the other health benefits of vitamin C:

  • promotes healing of all body cells
  • essential for building collagen
  • helps prevent cancer and heart disease
  • detoxifies the body
  • supports the good bacteria in your gut
  • kills candida, bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites
  • prevents hardening of the arteries
  • neutralizes harmful environmental and bacterial toxins
  • protects us from pollution and dangerous pesticides
  • destroys free radicals
  • combats stress
  • acts as an antidepressant
  • removes heavy metals like mercury and lead
  • lowers high cholesterol

Yet it is unfortunate that most of us are not getting anywhere near enough of this vitamin to realize these health benefits.

Why is this so? It all has to do with perception - perception that we are already getting more than enough.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C is set at 90 mg.

This is indeed much too low and leads people to believe that they are getting enough vitamin C for good health.

More importantly, it makes us wary of taking much more than that (those so-called megadoses).

But the fact is that the RDA for vitamin C is not enough for good health. It's not even close and was set simply to prevent scurvy. So if we seek all these wonderful vitamin c benefits, we require a much higher dose.

Let's take a closer look at the following:

Vitamin C dosage - how much we need and why

Vitamin C flush - find out your individual dosage needs

Vitamin C megadose - why megadosages aren't really that large

Vitamin C side effects - what they can tell you about your health

Best vitamin C supplement - The vast majority of vitamin C products are made from GMO corn. Here are some great vitamin C supplements that are GMO-free and corn-free.

Using vitamin C as a common cold remedy.

I'm a big advocate of getting the nutrients we need through food. Yet considering the average person's diet, it is simply not possible to get enough vitamin C through food alone.

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