A Simple Common Cold Remedy
that Makes You Feel Better Fast

Looking for an incredibly easy common cold remedy that is highly effective? This remedy actually works for both cold and flu germs, so it's the perfect natural flu remedy as well.

A huge bonus is that this common cold remedy happens to be very inexpensive and very safe.

The germs that cause the common cold and all types of influenza are caused by viruses. If we had an easy, effective way to kill those viruses, we would be able to protect ourselves from getting sick.

And, of course, we do have a natural way to kill them.

vitamin c as a common cold remedy

And it's with vitamin C.

Let's look at the relationship between vitamin C and the common cold.

Now before you start groaning about how vitamin C doesn't work, hear me out.

All of the studies I have ever seen about testing vitamin C's ability to kill cold and flu germs don't ever use anywhere near enough of the vitamin. I've even seen studies using as little as 200 mg of vitamin C daily.

200 mg will prevent scury, but that's about it. Hooray for pirates, boo for the rest of us.

You see, most of us are not getting enough vitamin C even for general good health. Let alone for fighting germs.

Illness, trauma, stress, injury,and even pollution all use up large quantities of vitamin C in animals, including us humans.

But the main difference between us and other animals is that we've lost the ability to make our own vitamin C.

So since our liver cannot make ascorbic acid, we have to get it from our diet. The question then becomes how much vitamin C do we need to fend off germs?

The answer is a LOT. Many animals can make up to TEN TIMES or more vitamin C when they are sick or injured. And they make a lot every day under normal conditions.

Take the goat for instance. A healthy goat will make about 13 grams (13,000 mg) of vitamin C daily. A sick goat will make many times that amount.

A healthy human needs about 1-4 grams of vitamin C a day. When that human is sick with the cold or flu, it might take 40 grams or more a day to recover.

So what do we humans do when we feel like we're coming down with something?

Reach for the vitamin C. Colds just don't stand a chance.

But keep in mind most vitamin C brands are made from GMO (genetically modified) corn. For vitamin c tablets and crystals that aren't GMO, see best vitamin C.

Dosing and time are incredibly important for you to take advantage of vitamin C's benefits. For more info, see my page about an easy, safe, and effective natural cold and flu remedy.

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