General Information on Essential Oils

There are many fascinating facts about essential oils. I thought it would be best to group them together so you can choose which topic is of interest and read that page.

The History page gives a background on how long essential oils have been used to great effect by humans. We have been using plants for many thousands of years - since they were first recognized for their wondrous healing abilities.

The FAQ page gives all the information on what essential oils are, their source, the ways to use essential oils, the methods of extraction, blending of oils, storage of oils, the benefits and supply of essential oils, industry terms like chemotypes and absolutes and the cautions of usage of essential oils.  Very interesting stuff...

Carrier Oils are necessary to use most essential oils so the information here is very important to read and understand.  All the carrier oils which are most commonly used in association with essential oils have their own properties and best uses.  There are also best combinations of carrier and essential oils to promote the best result on application.

The Methods to Use essential oils gives detailed descriptions of ways to apply essential oils for healing.  So you can use the Inhalation method via tissue or steam.  Or there is the Massage method which combines touch with healing.  Can't go past a Bath, even a foot bath is so very relaxing or, in the case of aching feet, a wonderful relief to ease the pain. Jacuzzi, Sauna, Shower - so many ways to get the essential oil to connect with the body, producing pleasure or healing or both.