Household Care Using Essential Oils is Easy and Cheap

Cleaning the house is a routine occupation for many of us.  Because it is such a regular activity household care using essential oils is preferable to using products containing poisons. We use products that are readily available on supermarket shelves, advertising their ability to clean our homes effectively and quickly. Household cleaning agents are numerous. And there are so many products on the market these days to eradicate the creepy crawlies and flying bugs which are attracted to our homes. They may all be effective but what damage are they doing to the environment generally and our health and the health of our family specifically?

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Use natural essential oils to clean your home

Allergies are rife at the moment, worldwide.   They appear to be affecting more and more people. Figures are skyrocketing. Simple allergies like dust, grass and pet dander or more serious reactions like asthma are common.  Is this a normal growth of these allergies proportionate to the ever expanding human population or is there some other reason?

Could it be a global human response to the enormous overuse of chemicals in just about every household product we use? 

Using essential oils, natural plant based essences, in our cleaning products will eliminate this concern. What I have said in another page on this website holds true here too and that is originally all we ever used were extracts from plants to heal or protect us. Then the properties in these medicinal plants were synthesized into a chemical version for ease of production and monetary gain. Now we are garnering the backlash with ill health and environmental degradation.

Some of the common cleaning products currently on the market contain noxious poisons which are potentially extremely dangerous to our health.

Common Household Care Product Ingredients

Phenol can cause central nervous system depression, is corrosive to skin and can seriously affect the circulatory system.

Isopropanol irritates mucous membranes, accidental ingestion results in unconsciousness and death.

Sodium Bisulfate forms sulphuric acid which is corrosive and burns skin.

Oxalic Acid damages kidneys and liver, corrodes mouth and stomach.

Hydrochloric Acid fumes are corrosive and burns skin.

Chlorine can cause breathing problems.

Lyle can cause blindness if splashed in the eyes.

Formaldehyde is an irritant to the eyes, throat, skin and lungs.

Perchloroethylene fumes cause dizziness, nausea and disorientation

Naphthalene can cause liver damage.

And so on….

In a supermarket recently I read the label on one product commonly used in the laundry and under Ingredients it just says that the ingredients are "those which clean".  What does that tell us?  Not much...

It could be just about anything in that bottle.  And this is used to clean our clothes, the items closest to our skin with the potential to absorb those chemicals directly into the body.

Is this what we want for ourselves and our families?  Not me!

I think it is time we thought carefully about choosing the wonderful disinfecting and cleaning qualities of natural products. Especially essential oils and the plants from which they come.  

Household care using essential oils is the answer for me whenever possible.  How about you?

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