Candida Albicans

Few have heard of this rampant health threat.

Is the term Candida albicans (or simply candida) familiar to you? For many people, it is not.

candida albicans in a petri dish

Yet odds are good that it is having a negative effect on your health and immune system.

Especially since you are here, reading this right now.

After all, how many healthy people look up information on how to be, well, healthy?

You're here because you get sick more than you think you should.

Or maybe because your doctor can't find anything "wrong" with you and you're taking matters into your own hands.

Is Candida albicans negatively affecting you? Suppressing your immune system? Sapping your overall health? It depends.

Do you:

  • Experience overwhelming fatigue even after enough rest?
  • Have a poor memory and feel like your brain is in a fog?
  • Experience painful abdominal bloating and gas?
  • Frequently get cravings for sweets that are incredibly hard to ignore?
  • Feel much much older than you are?

All of the above are very common symptoms of a candida infection.  If you experience some or all on this list, read on to find out more information on this pervasive health threat.

What is candida?  Find out what this organism is and how it can rob your health.

Candida causes.  Find out how you can get (or got) this infection.

The differences between candida overgrowth and systemic candida.

A large list of candida symptoms.  How many do you have?

How to test for candida.

Learn about common candida cleanse methods.

It can get worse before it gets better.  Here are some candida die-off symptoms and how you can minimize them.

Finally, here are the products you'll need for a complete natural candida cleanse.

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