Natural Body Detox

Why it's Critical to Keeping You Well

Natural body detox has certainly become a hot topic. It's a great way to improve your health, boost your immune system, and drop that unwanted weight.

natural body detox boosts immune system

Body cleansing is also essential in helping our bodies deal with the mountain of toxins we are exposed to every day.

You've no doubt heard critics saying that body detoxification programs are worthless. They claim our bodies already have built-in cleansing mechanisms. Yet they are only partly right.

Yes, our bodies are built to detoxify. But let's take a look at why that is no longer good enough.

Why detox your body?

Simply put - to improve every aspect of your health. Toxins are everywhere.

They are found in the food we eat, the water we drink, the body care products we use, our cleaning products, medications, homes, cars, businesses (they even come from foreign invaders that can live inside of us, like candida.) There's no escape.

The fact of the matter is we simply cannot adapt fast enough to keep pace with all these chemicals. So just how many are we talking about?

Every year trillions of pounds of chemicals are manufactured. Yes trillions.

Every week thousands of NEW chemicals are being created. And a vast majority are approved without restrictions by the U.S. government within a few short weeks.

Because they are safe? Absolutely not.

The EPA has done an atrocious job at policing chemical manufacturers. In fact, a recent congressional audit found that "the EPA lacks even the most basic information to say whether chemicals pose substantial health risks to the public."

The details of this report by the Government Accountability Office was summarized nicely by the Journal Sentinel. The article is definitely worth a read.

EPA a failure on chemicals, audit finds.

Why is a natural body cleanse so important?

Because our bodies are loaded with these chemicals (a fact that critics like to ignore). And it is having a tremendous impact on our health.

Check out the Human Toxome Project by Environmental Working Group (a non profit organization dedicated to informing us about threats to our health).

So how can we minimize the threats these chemicals cause?

Natural body detox. But you need to know how to detox your body properly. Jumping into these kinds of programs without enough knowledge is a very bad idea. Releasing those built-up toxins too quickly can do much more harm than good.

How to Detox your Body

There are many health concerns surrounding body toxins. Assisting our natural detoxification pathways helps pave the way for good health.

When considering natural body detox, you must know the organs of elimination and how they detoxify your body. Let's look at the following:

If all of this seems a little overwhelming to you, stick with a full body detox program.  It's best for people just beginning to detox the body.

And be sure to check out the best body detox programs I've found (and I've tried a LOT of them).

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