The Ten Best Essential Oils

There are more than 300 essential oils but there are only ten best essential oils you will ever probably need to care for your home and family. These ten essential oils are so versatile, adaptable and have so many wonderful qualities - which can be used on their own or in conjunction with each other - that most household and family needs will be more than adequately covered. You will probably have heard of all of these ten essential oils before - they are so popular because they are so versatile.

Benefits of the Ten Best Essential Oils

They have properties which are:

  • Antibiotic
  • Antiseptic
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory and
  • Anti-viral.

And so many more properties - see each pure essential oil Page for more details.

This means these pure essential oils can:

  • Clean and disinfect our homes
  • Heal and nurture our families
  • Care for our pets
  • Grow natural garden products

Anyone who has used pure essential oils will verify their unique ability to operate on all levels: physical, emotional, spiritual and mental without harm or side effects (unless you are one of the very rare people who do have an allergic reaction to them).

Essential oils treat the human body as a whole, holistically, in complete synergistic harmony.

For those of us in Australia, Eucalyptus essential oil is very familiar - one of the most popular ten best essential oils - most of us have grown up with it in the house with our mums reaching for it when the usual seasonal coughs and colds hit the kids.

Although the therapeutic value of most essential oils ceases after about two years the disinfectant ability of eucalyptus oil just gets better, so once it is past the two years use it in your kitchen cleaning bottle instead of your healing blends to disinfect the kitchen shelves and benches.

Lavender runs a close second of the ten best essential oils with its strong antiseptic qualities. A spray bottle of lavender in the house is fantastic for freshening the air as well as eliminating odors and scaring off the bugs.

Peppermint essential oil we all know from the confectionery aisle of any supermarket but that is purely a chemical imitation of the real thing and pales into insignificance beside the pure essential oil.

All of the ten best essential oils listed here are easily available from reputable suppliers.


Remember to always store your essential oils away from heat and light, in a blue or amber bottle with a tight seal to avoid evaporation.

Don't store your bottles with a dripolator in the lid as this rubber or plastic could perish and contaminate your oils.

Very importantly, always store your essential oils out of your children' s reach.

Another important point: if you want to make your own essential oil blends for general use or massage just remember that the ratio of essential oils to each other in any particular blend is the key to the success of that particular blend.

Just adding a dash of this and a dab of that and giving the whole thing a shake is not necessarily going to have the desired result...

If any of the Pages here gives a suggestion for oils to be used together without a specific number of drops given then by all means use your own choices and it's fine.

But if a recipe is listed then it's best to follow that ratio of essential oils as there is a very good reason for that particular combination.


Always get recipes for blends from qualified Aromatherapists, ethical websites or reputable essential oil suppliers.

It is recommended to try a patch test with any essential oils to check for allergic reactions. Dab a drop on your skin and allow 24 hours to monitor a reaction.

If there is none, and it is rare for anyone to have a bad response, then go ahead and use the oils.

Also, remember that is it not advisable to take essential oils internally without the advice of a qualified Aromatherapist.

Index of the Ten Best Essential Oils

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