Common Sense Healthy Food Tips

Healthy eating sure can be confusing, so here are some simple healthy food tips for choosing foods to improve your health.

You'll learn that all this confusion is completely unnecessary.

But first, ask yourself...

Are you afraid of the grocery store?

Who knows what is healthy anymore?

Pretty labels surround us, call to us, and try to suck us in - health foods, diet foods, low-sugar, no sugar, low fat, fat-free, high protein, all-natural, low sodium, low cholesterol, organic foods.

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You can almost hear their little label pleas, "Buy me! I'm good for you!" Then you hear another little voice, this time coming from your head, "But I heard on the news that..."

Constant conflicting advice on what we should eat and how much of it we should eat can be enough to make you want to crawl into the fetal position.

No wonder something as simple as buying food can stress us, worry us, or riddle us with guilt.

You're trying to do the right thing and buy healthy, nutritious food for your family. You want them to have vibrant health and a strong immune system.

So what to do? Pick up some advice at the common sense aisle and remember two simple things when looking to improve your health.

Always shop around the perimeter of the grocery store.

When looking to improve your health, you should be focused on buying and eating whole foods

Organic whole foods are best.  But don't despair if you can't afford all organic foods.

Here are some helpful healthy food tips to improve your health and still stay on budget:

This information can help you make good decisions as to where the extra expense is best justified.

Look at the ingredients of ALL the food you eat.

Surely you can tell the difference between a food product that has a few ingredients you recognize with a similar product containing a long list of foreign chemical concoctions.

The less chemicals, pesticides, toxins, artificial colors and flavors your body has to sort through, the better you will be able to fight off the real threats to your health - those germs that make you sick!

So when looking for foods to boost your immune system and overall health, buy organic whenever possible. Especially raw, whole foods that will nourish you.

And avoid the highly processed stuff (organic or not!) created as cheaply as possible by food manufacturers looking to make a big profit at your health's expense!

Healthy Food Tips - Tying it all together

Yes, it can be challenging to not get caught up in all the latest health hype. But deep down, let your common sense be your guide.  Healthy food tips do not have to be complicated.

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