Body Care - Make Your Own HomeMade Natural Products

Why Your Own Natural Body Care Products?

Your own home made products will:

  • Contain natural plant based perfumes,  
  • Be chemical free,
  • Be natural remedies to clear the skin,
  • Stimulate circulation,
  • Detox the body,
  • Improve muscle tone,
  • Balance sebem 
  • Be be free of emulsifiers, colourants, synthetic ingredients, commercial grade scents and fats; and
  • Promote a sense of wellbeing and calm.


Making your own beauty and body care products can be immensely satisfying too. Particularly as you will know what you're applying to your skin – you made it!  

Although you’re making these products for your own health and beauty you are also contributing to a healthier planet by reducing the synthetic and chemically based mass produced “healthy” shop bought lotions.

What Won't These Natural Products Be?

Homemade, natural products will not look as elegant or stylish as the creams and lotions purchased in the shops.  But hey, who cares?  They work, they smell amazing and you made them! 

How Easy Is Making Body Care Products Yourself?

Once you get in the flow of making your own homemade skin and hair products you’ll find that it is easier and cheaper than you think.

There are not that many essential oils you need to purchase as the ten best essential oils I recommend on this website will cover just about everything to start with.

You can experiment later as you become familiar with the essential oils and their impact on your body.  And what scents you like the best to give your body products that personal touch.

What Will I Need?

You will need certain tools/equipment to make your own products.  Ensure they are kept separate from other kitchen or bathroom items and keep them clean.  They are a good investment as you will re-use them many times for making your own creams and shampoos.

Of course, also ensure the containers are clean and sterilized before using them and store the containers well away from children’s inquisitive fingers.

See the relevant pages and their recipes for what equipment you will need specific to the sort of natural products you want to make.


Don’t make up huge quantities at a time because these homemade items won’t have preservatives in them so their shelf life is shorter than shop bought products.  Use them within a couple of months and then make a new batch.

Always patch test the essential oils if you have sensitive skin or known allergies to some ingredients in these lotions.

A Health Note:

Do remember though that no amount of natural skin care products will help if you are eating a poorly balanced diet. 

Eliminate all those sugary treats and fatty take-aways and replace them with lots of fruit and vegetables and proteins and that’s going to go a long way to improving the skin and putting a healthy glow back into your complexion. 

For long term beneficial body care and internal health, do try to drink plenty of water each day.