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Check out these excellent additional resources that give you more valuable information on ways to improve your health. I personally use and highly recommend all the resources listed below.


From the book - "These vita-nutrients harness the body's ability to heal itself, rather than resorting to conventional drugs and invasive procedures, and address the true causes of disease instead of temporarily alleviating symptoms, promoting longer-lasting and more effective healing."

You certainly do not have to agree with his diet in order to benefit greatly from all of the wonderful information he provides (including references and scientific studies). The media focused solely on his diet, ignoring all of the work he was doing with complementary medicine for over 25 years!

So many people do not realize that poor digestion is closely linked to poor health. In this easy-to-understand book, the author, a clinical nutritionist, describes how the digestive system works and the problems that can result when it does not. She provides a simple and straight-forward approach to correcting digestive complications that hold us back from experiencing a vibrant, energy-filled life.

Because of decades of indiscriminate use of antibiotics on ourselves and our livestock, more and more strains of bacteria are becoming frighteningly resistant to drugs. In this book, the author presents "conclusive evidence that plant medicines, with their complex mix of multiple antibiotic compounds, are remarkably effective against drug-resistant bacteria." Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones from these "super-bugs" in this eye-opening book.


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  • Pioneer Nutritional Formulas

    Looking for the best science-based nutritional supplements? Well, look no further! For over the last twenty years Pioneer has been known for its dedication to impeccable quality, integrity, and social responsibility. I simply love their products!
  • Environmental Working Group

    Let me warn you now - this is a POWERFUL website!

    Check it out for essential information YOU need to know about to protect you and your family's health.

    This site has been put together by caring scientists, engineers, lawyers, policy experts, and computer programmers that all believe YOU have a right to know about threats to your health and the environment!
  • Pets for the Environment

    Don't forget about your fuzzy, four-legged companions! After all, they deserve good health and a strong immune system too!

    Did you know that most pets are much more toxic than their human companions? Sad, but true...

    Check out this wonderful site dedicated to educating you about how to have happier, healthier pets through safer pet food, products, and homes.

Check back often for more additional resources to improve your health and boost your immune system!

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