What Can These Alkaline Forming Foods
Do for You?

When our bodies have become too acidic, the best way to restore balance is to eat more alkaline forming foods.

It is important to understand that alkaline forming foods are not necessarily alkaline foods.

If you are unclear about the difference, check out the information about body pH balance.

These foods are important to know if you are trying to:

  • Reverse the process of low-grade acidosis
  • Increase your overall body pH to make it more alkaline
  • Just simply maintain good health and an already balanced body pH

Vegetables are the best alkaline forming foods

Full of vitamins and minerals, they truly nourish your body.

The best of the best are cucumbers, celery, and green grasses (like wheatgrass and barley grass). But all vegetables will help to balance your body pH.

Just keep in mind that anything you do to strip away foods' nutrients can lessen the alkalizing effect.

So cooked vegetables sometimes aren't as good for you as raw because a lot of the vitamins and minerals end up in the water. Homemade vegetable soup is fine, though, because you are not throwing away the water they are cooked in.

When it comes to vegetable juice, again go with homemade. Most times the nutrients are left behind in the pulp, so processed juices are lacking in alkalizing minerals.

Processed juices also tend to have a lot of artificial colors and flavors, sugar, tons of sodium, and other questionable additives.

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Fruit comes with a caveat

For most people with a healthy or just somewhat acidic body pH, fruits are alkaline forming foods. Although most of them are only slightly alkalizing.

But if you are in the very acidic range, your body might not be able to handle the weak acids that are present in fruits.

This means that they will likely have a slightly acidifying effect instead. However, there is a way around this...

As fruits ripen, they lose more and more of their acidity. So fully ripe fruits are always better for the body.

But in this day and age, most of our produce can be shipped many hundreds or thousands of miles before it reaches our grocery stores. They are picked well before they are ready - all to make it easier to ship them.

These foods will ripen, but they will have much more of an acidifying effect than local produce that was picked when ripe.

So if you are overly acidic and fruits talk back to you, try eating locally grown foods.

Not only are these foods better for you - they taste much better too!

Now that you are aware of the best alkalizing foods, check out which foods are considered acid forming foods.

And if you're having trouble eating enough of the right foods, try these alkaline supplements.

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