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Alkalize Body pH Before Conceiving

by Vala
(NSW, Australia)

Hi Melissa,

Before I start an alkalizing program, wanted to confirm few things. My current body pH is 6.0 & I wanted to increase to alkaline level before trying to conceive. Will this effect in conceiving the baby if I start this program or take the pHion alkaline supplements?

If not, which is the best one to go for in order to increase my pH at least to 7? Thanks, waiting eagerly for your reply...




Hi Vala,

It would depend on when you plan on trying to conceive.

If it's now or soon, then I would be careful with some of the detox supplements. Releasing built up toxins would be a terrible idea when pregnant or shortly before becoming pregnant.

Items like the alkalizing greens, alkalizing minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes would be fine and some actually quite good for the fetus.

If it won't be for a few months, now would be a great time to get your body into a healthier state. You might want to look into the full body detox program from DrNatura.

More info about the program can be found on my best body detox page.

A lot of the toxins we have inside of us (from pesticides, herbicides, pollution, household chemicals, body products, etc.) can cross the
placenta and have a negative effect on the unborn.

See an excellent article here:
Toxic Chemicals found in Newborns

Of course, it's always a good idea to check with a doctor prior to starting any supplements when a baby is involved.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

Comments for Alkalize Body pH Before Conceiving

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Help with Alkaline Supplements
by: Vala

Dear Melissa,

Thank you so much. In fact you have provided me more valuable information.

We are planning to conceive the baby in a couple of months (either June or July) & trying to work on my body pH. With my busy schedule I'm not getting the required amount of nutrition that's required to increase my alkalinity. So I came across your products & found them interesting. So do you reckon that I start with any of the following, which one do you think is best for me?

1) pHion green superfood powder

2) pHion alkaline minerals

It will be much appreciated if you kindly provide me these details.




Hi Vala,

If I had to choose between the greens and the minerals, I'd choose the greens. They are packed full of nutrition that can't be found with many other foods.

You might want to order the capsules as opposed to the powder though. They changed the formula to make it more effective, but it made it taste not near as good. It's still better than any other green drink I've had, but I much preferred the old formula's taste.

The pH booster depends on the individual. For some, the high pH water can upset the stomach. For others, it's no bother.

Since you're only mildly acidic, I think the alkalizing greens should be enough for you. I prefer it anyway, since it is made of real food.

Good luck to you.

Approach Wellness

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