Where to Buy Coconut Oil

Choose the Right Kind to Ensure the Health Benefits

buy coconut oil that is virgin, organic, and unrefined

So you're looking to buy coconut oil?

You're not alone. Many people are beginning to realize the tremendous health benefits of coconut oil.

I must say - excellent decision to first do your research. Finding the best coconut oil is very important.

Unfortunately, the vegetable oil manufacturers have noticed this trend. And of course they are trying to cash in and make the biggest profit possible.

So how do you know where to buy coconut oil?

Well, the answer is very important. Most of the coconut oil found on grocery store shelves is made from copra and is, well, garbage.

You see, it is much easier and more profitable to make the highly processed oil known as RBD - which stands for Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized.

They take the copra (which is the dried kernel of the coconut) and refine it. They have to, because the way the copra is dried is not sanitary (just lovely, right?). It is also common to use chemical solvents to get every last drop of oil out of the copra.

Then they bleach it and deodorize it to cover the bad smell and taste. And filter it to remove any impurities.

Refining this way takes away all those good coconut oil benefits. And worse, it can also create trans fatty acids, which will wreck your health (avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils like the plague!).

So where to purchase coconut oil that is actually healthy for you?

You need to look for virgin organic coconut oils that are solid at room temperature and have a light coconut flavor.

I have been getting my organic virgin coconut oil from 

Tropical Traditions

for years. They employ many small family farms that process the oil the traditional, natural way.

Tropical Traditions' quality is second to none and ensures that you get the most out of these coconut oil benefits. Here is how they make it.

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