Help with Bellicon Rebounder Bungee Strength

by Bethina

Hi Melissa,

Your site is great, you share really interesting information... congratulations!!

I live in Brazil and I've been thinking about buying a Bellicon trampoline for a long time.
Bellicon does not have distributors in my country so my best option is to ask someone that will travel to Europe to bring it to me.
My brother will travel to Italy this year and he said he would bring it to me.

But I have a big doubt: the bungee strength.
My actual weight is 65kg, but my intention is that my mother, that has 75kg, uses the trampoline also.

I've checked at the Bellicon site, and they recommend the "medium" strength for our weight, considering the "health bounce".

However, once I would like to improve my training after a while, the "strong" strength would be better for me.

Once I know that you have a Bellicon and uses it, do you think the "Strong" strength would be too much for my mother?

Thank you!


Hi Bethina,

Lucky you for getting a Bellicon rebounder! The quality is just leaps and bounds (pun intended!) above all other brands.

The stronger bands are still quite springy and your mom will still get all of the good benefits. Another alternative is to buy an additional set of bungees and you can switch them once you get stronger.

I have two sets of bungees and switching between the two just takes a few minutes. They are nothing like trying to replace traditional rebounder springs - where it takes a LONG time, a LOT of effort, and you have to worry about getting your fingers caught!

Have fun bouncing on your new Bellicon!

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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