Help with Severe Candida Infection and More

by Elizabeth G.
(Oklahoma, USA)


I cannot thank you enough for all the information you share with us on your website. You are so kind to take your time to want to help others reclaim their health. You are remarkable!

This is what I've been dealing with in the last couple of years. Shortly after I got married my life was nothing but sedentary and bad eating habits. First for me, since I always ate healthy and exercised regularly. Needless to say, I felt tired and just overall fatigued.

Then I got pregnant and had a very complicated pregnancy. I had never had yeast, bladder, kidney infections until then. I was put on antibiotics and they never worked on me.

I kept up with my checkups and with all of the symptoms I had, I was told repeatedly to just get used to it. It was part of pregnancy and continue taking diflucan.

Then came gestational diabetes, followed by preeclampsia. I was induced early to ensure a "healthy" delivery. My baby was born March of 2011.

I breastfed him (never could breastfeed exclusively and not sure why even though I tried my best) until he was about 5 months. I stopped breastfeeding because I started taking supplements and medication and didn't feel safe passing that on to him.

Shortly after that I started my period again. Around that time I started having really bad knee and finger joint pain, to the point where I couldn't even lower myself to sit on the toilet. Past a certain point, I just let my body fall. So I started trying to work out again and while doing a lot of research on my symptoms I happen to be watching TV one day and a report came on about Sjorgen Disease.

I was convinced that I had this. I had to label this stuff something. I've known I've had dry eyes and dry mouth. Then I looked it up and in my head I was sure I was the perfect candidate for it. I freaked. I didn't want to have an autoimmune disorder... I wanted to be my healthy self again. I honestly think I went into a long lasting panic attack, thinking that this was going to defeat me.

Since then (I'd say about September) I've had so many other issues. My mother-in-law suggested looking up candida cleanses so I did.

I went to an ND here in Oklahoma who started me out on a liquid cleanse by Nature's Sunshine. It didn't work for me at all. She did an iridology which pretty much told me all the things I already knew were off.

So I did like three other cleanses including yeast cleanses. All around the same time is when a new onset of symptoms began to arise. I started feeling really cold at night. My fingertips were all dry and shriveled up, I had sharp pains in my lungs and clavicle area. I had a very painful bladder infection. My urine was and still is VERY frothy and bubbly. Frequent dizziness and overall fatigue. Getting little sleep at night, but that's also because of our baby.

I developed a dry persistent cough, white coating on my tongue, severe dryness of the eyes and mouth.

My eyes have yellowish spots--eye doc said it's just from the sun and put me on prescription drops/ointment. Didn't help.

These days I have just been dealing with this stuff on my own since the last few doctors I went to want to prescribe band-aid remedies.

An endocrinologist put me on Synthroid (diagnosed with Hashimoto's thyroiditis) and he ran all kinds of blood-work and didn't bring it to my attention that my Vitamin D levels were very very low.

A different doctor asked me about it, and at the time I had no clue how relevant this was to my health--nor did he.

Two other physicians have suggested putting me on antidepressants due to postpartum and the inability to handle stressful situations and hormonal imbalances. Ughh, they just don't get it.

I've had a lot of discomfort with my throat and glands. It feels heavy, swollen, lumpy, it "clicks" when I swallow sometimes. I have developed sooo many food sensitives. Can't eat much these days.

Acid reflux when I barely have a few drops of lemon juice. I have recurring yeast and bladder infections. Lots of bloating and abdominal pain. I have even noticed a discomfort under my left ribcage. Feels like hardened tissue, not a lump, just something that I'm not used to.

These last few weeks I've developed even more dryness of the mouth, throat, nose area and every morning when I get up I cough up infection. All of my upper respiratory structures feel dry and raw and there is always a constant burning feeling. This is going on a lot!

The joint pain, especially in my hands has come back and it's unbearable in the mornings! Upon finding your website, I'm not going to lie at first I was extremely skeptical and just thought, "ok this is great info, but what are you trying to sell me" then I realized how genuine it was. A first! I've done ALL kinds of online research that ended up making me more frustrated.

All in all, there is absolutely no way I can remember all the symptoms I've had in the last 6 months because there were SO MANY! I found this site and read through all of it and I was positive that what I had was a severe systemic candida infection. I read all the symptoms of candida overgrowth and systemic candida and I can say that I have had ALL of these symptoms.

I have been on the Dr. Natura Colonix program for a month now. I've also been eating a lot fact, I was doing Dr. Peter D'Adamo's genotype diet. It helped me lose some weight and the joint pain eased up a bit, but it came back.

I've eliminated all fruits since I noticed a lot of itching of the feet, hands, and anal area upon reintroducing them into my diet. Being on this cleanse just for a month, is it normal to keep getting sick easily?

I can barely walk into a little outdoor wind and I'm sick for days. I also got so desperate that I ordered a lot of the pHion products and the powdered form of Vitamin C and Vitamin D3 supplements. There was a point within this past month that I was taking like 50 supplements a day just because I didn't know what to take or what to hold off on.

This is where I'm in need of advice as well. Since I'm starting the second month of the Colonix program and beginning the Toxinout program, what other supplements do you suggest. I have: Vitamin D3, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Arginine, Folic Acid, B5, liquid B vitamins, pretty much all the pHion products, but I don't take a multivitamin or fish oils. I still take the synthroid and I honestly don't know why. Could this be affecting how other supplements are absorbed or alter my body chemistry somehow?

I'm very concerned about my health. It wears on the body and mind...and the entire family suffers as well. My family history is full of cancers, autoimmune diseases and all other sorts of illnesses. I'll do whatever it takes to be healthy. Sorry this is so lengthy. I'm just desperate for solutions. Your input would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks Melissa.


Hi Elizabeth,

Your story brings back a lot of emotions for me. I completely understand your frustration. I was there. I understand the desperation you feel too. You want so badly to be healthy, yet it appears to be out of reach.

First, take a deep breath. You are going to drive yourself crazy with all of these changes.

Start slow.

You didn't end up this way overnight. You can't expect to get better overnight.

I am glad to see that you are on the DrNatura cleanses. One month in is not much though. Again, healing takes time.

The company gives a 60-day money back guarantee, and you should be noticing some improvement by then. Not a complete turnaround, mind you, but progress.

I would put a hold on the other products you bought. You can certainly use them, but wait until you're done with the DrNatura program (you'll definitely need the full three months).

That will help you deal with your candida infection (although infestation is probably a better term, as they do take over your body).

You need to deal with the candida first and foremost. You will no doubt be going through some detox symptoms. Don't add to that by taking other supplements that will detox you as well. For someone in your condition, that is too much. The last thing you want is to feel so bad you give up.

Make simple changes:

Certainly measure your body pH if you bought the strips. You should notice progress toward a more alkaline state as you continue with the DrNatura program.

Eat more whole foods. Organic if you can afford it.

Slowly add coconut oil to your diet - it kills candida. Cook and bake with it as opposed to polyunsaturated vegetable oils. Back off the amount if you notice your symptoms worsening, as too much coconut oil too soon can cause a bad die-off reaction. See coconut oil benefits for more info.

Add garlic to your diet as well. This is also a great ally against candida.

Drink lots of purified water. Definitely drink at least the amount required during your cleanse. No chlorine and ideally no fluoride either.

Get your vitamin D levels tested.

Look into low stomach acid in regards to your poor digestion. Poor digestion means poor absorption of nutrients. See my page on HCl supplements effect on body pH.

Once your three-month cleanse is over, come back and let me know how you are doing. We can move forward from there.

I'm confident that we can get you back on track.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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by: Delton

Candida infection is commonly seen in adults. It is a fungus and need proper treatment to get rid of it completely. In certain Web Based EMR cases the candida infection will go bad and will spread to whole body.

D-mannose for bladder infection...
by: Anonymous

My dad had a nasty bladder infection, and D-mannose helped clear it up without antibiotics. With candida, antibiotics will make candida worse. Thought I'd throw out some info on the D-mannose for you to research or talk to your doctor about. :)

Been where you are now....
by: Anonymous

My problem was severe sinus infections. I was riddled with candida, and so was my son. He had skin problems and chonic asthma. For us we went on a very strict candida low carb diet. No grains, no sugars of any kind (not even honey), and no fruits at all. We cut out all grains and only ate clean meats, organic eggs, and lots of veggies. I didn't have a naturopath close to me, and doctors would not prescibe antifungals long term which we would have needed to fight off candida-but doctors don't believe that (or ours didn't). So we had to find an alternative. So along with our strict diet, we used products from a company called North American Herb and Spice. For son we used oregaresp, made for respiratory illnesses, and for me I used their oregano oil. We both took oregamax too, which helped clear out candida from the intestines. There are lots of other brands of oregano out there, I'm just telling you what worked for us. I'm a huge believer in oregano oil now. A good psyllium husk fiber was used to pull the dead candida out of the body. I got some a health food store that didn't have artificial sweeteners in it. We also took probiotics. We would take them at night before bed, because oregano does kill off good bacteria. We had to stick with the diet for a full year to get well, because we were both heavily overgrown with candida. We had both been on tons of antibiotics. I don't think there's any easy or fast way to reverse the condition when you have it as bad as we did. It was a VERY long time, but so worth it. The best way to stick with it is to NOT buy the foods that will feed candida. If it wasn't in the house tempting us, we didn't eat it. Also, I found out NEVER GO TO THE STORE HUNGRY! A low carb diet is easier to stick to if you are full. I always kept fresh produce washed and ready to eat in the fridge. Some candida books allowed for different types of grains. I have even seen some include oatmeal. Those other grains never worked for us, we would always get the symptoms back. I think grains are grains, they all turn to sugar in the blood stream and feed candida. And now with so many being GMO, perhaps it's for the best.

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