Natural Home Remedies for Poison Ivy

Ditch the itch now and for good!

There are SO MANY natural home remedies for poison ivy.  But not like this one.

Just imagine if you never had to worry about getting poison ivy again.  Sounds too good to be true, right?

Take it from me, you can be free from poison ivy.  All it takes is a certain natural product and a little planning ahead.

All of the other natural home remedies for poison ivy just can't compare.

poison ivy leaf

I am crazy susceptible to poison ivy.  As a child, it seemed like I was always covered in it during the warmer months.  I grow up on a wooded property, and it seemed to be everywhere.

I learned to avoid it, but that wasn't enough.  I would get it from the dog (apparently she enjoyed frolicking in it).  I would get it from garden tools.  I would get it from clothes that had touched it.  It was bad.  And it hasn't gotten any better as an adult.

Below was one patch of a bad rash I got a few weeks ago (March 2015).  It got much worse a few days later, but I didn't think you'd like to look at the oozy, gooey mess it became.  And it was all because I didn't follow my own advice about planning ahead.  The leaves aren't out yet, so I must have gotten into some poison ivy roots while digging around a garden bed.

poison ivy rash on skin

The same thing happened last Spring.  I figured I'd get out and do some gardening early and I managed to get a bad poison ivy rash.  I'm well aware of what the leaves look like, but small poison ivy roots are hard to identify, unlike the large, hairy vines that climb trees.

Apparently, I'm a slow learner.  But, hey, better late than never.

I vow to be prepared next Spring!  The good news is I already have built up an immunity for the rest of the year.

Of all the home remedies for poison ivy, this one works to cure as well as prevent!

If you haven't heard of it before, prepared to be shocked.  And skeptical.  And maybe you'll think I've lost my mind.  But it works!

Check out the video below...

What did I tell you - crazy, right?  I wouldn't have tried eating poison ivy normally, but I kept getting really bad rashes and I was beyond desperate.

I remember the first time I ingested poison ivy.  It was a few years ago. 

With a pair of old tweezers I took the tiniest piece of a newly-formed leaf and placed it ever-so-carefully into an empty capsule.  My heart was racing - I was so nervous!  But, on an empty stomach, I swallowed it.....and......nothing bad happened.

I waited a few days, just to make sure, before I repeated the same steps.  I had more confidence and swallowed it right down.  The next day, same thing, just like what was recommended in the video above.

Why did I do it?  Because it made sense to me on an immunological level.  Ingesting a TINY amount of the poison ivy over a period of time should create tolerance.  It teaches the immune system not to overreact - which is exactly what is going on when you get the rash.

poison ivy vine climbing tree

However, there is just one big problem.  I was getting terrible rashes well before any leaf buds formed on the poison ivy vines.  What to do, what to do?

Well, lucky for me Amazon came to my rescue once again.  Wouldn't you know they carry a product that is poison ivy in a bottle!  It's called:

Oral Ivy

Appropriate of course, since it is a solution of poison ivy in alcohol.

As you can see by the reviews, it it one of the natural home remedies for poison ivy that actually works.  Not only can you use it to quickly heal up a rash you already have, but you can use it as a safe way to build immunity to poison ivy! 

I STRONGLY recommend using the Oral Ivy as opposed to swallowing leaf bits. 

I say this because one time I got overconfident and swallowed a much bigger piece of leaf.  About a day later I paid for it, as all of the oils in the leaf hadn't been digested.  You see where I'm going, right?  Yup, my anus was VERY itchy for a few days.  Don't do that to yourself! 

How to use Oral Ivy for
Prevention and Treatment of Poison Ivy

I will never be without this stuff. 

Oral Ivy works great AS LONG AS you use it according to directions.  This is simply the best of all the natural home remedies for poison ivy.

So what are the directions?  They are quite simple.

FOR POISON IVY PREVENTION: take 3-4 drops in a small amount of water (a couple of ounces of so) EVERY DAY for 7-14 days BEFORE exposure to poison ivy as well as every day throughout the poison ivy growing season. 

FOR POISON IVY TREATMENT: take 10 drops in two ounces of water every two hours as needed.  As symptoms improve, change to 2 drops in two ounces of water every four hours and then twice a day as needed. 

The treatment works not only at relieving the itch, but it will quickly dry up all of those gross oozy patches!

Perhaps the best part is that a whole bottle will last you the entire season! 

And at only about $10 per bottle, it is a great value.  Try if for yourself and see if you don't agree that of all of the home remedies for poison ivy, it is the best!

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