by Paul
(New York)

I have been taking immunocal and wanted to know your opinion on this product.


Hi Paul,

Honestly, this is the first I've heard of Immunocal. However, since you asked, I've spent some time doing research on it and this is my opinion.

Immunocal claims to raise your cells' glutathione levels. I can see how that would be helpful, but it really seems to be a "band-aid" solution to a big problem.

If it does actually help with boosting your immune system, what happens when you stop taking it? You go back to the glutathione levels you had before.

It doesn't address why you get sick. Or why you feel worn out. And it's quite expensive. You could be getting a lot better supplements for that kind of money (or less).

Taking L Glutamine, which is one of the building blocks to glutathione, will have the same effect as immunocal. And it's much cheaper. See amino acid supplements for more info.

Colostrum is also another alternative that does similar things but is a lot less expensive.

People tend to think that I take a ton of supplements every day. And while it's true that I have a lot of supplements in my home for when I need them, I do not take anything on a daily basis.

I just eat organic foods, grass-fed beef, pastured meats, and bounce on my rebounder. And I detoxify my body regularly. That keeps me well.

Although I did need to take a lot of supplements at first - (especially alkaline supplements) when I was reclaiming my health, simply because it sped recovery along.

Bottom line - if it works for you, great! But if I were you, I would be spending my money on something that truly is increasing my health, as opposed to just propping it up.

Thanks for the question.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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