Low Immune System

by Jaime

Hey there,

So my grandpa has had cancer and got it 'dealt' with via chemo. Now his hemoglobin is very low and is always losing blood. He always complains that he's freezing cold and he's very week. His skin is so weak that a minor scratch makes him bleed.

Anyways I was just wondering what can he do to at least get his immune system back up so he can start fighting away whatever he's got?


Hi Jaime,

Sorry to hear about your grandpa - it sounds like he is really suffering. It's so great that you are doing some research to try and help his low immune system.

How long has it been since his chemo has ended? Chemo can destroy red blood cells and make you feel very weak. Actually cancer itself can cause low hemoglobin levels.

For those who don't know, low hemoglobin levels mean that the body is making less red blood cells than it should. Red blood cells carry oxygen to the bloodstream (see lung functions).

If you don't have enough red blood cells, your body will be starved of oxygen, making you feel weak and cold.

Your grandfather's doctor should be able to determine why he is losing blood. He won't be able to get better until the blood loss stops.

If the blood loss is because of his thin skin, he'll need to make sure he is getting enough of the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E) as well as enough vitamin C.

Vitamin D and vitamin E both protect the skin's structure and thickness. Topical vitamin A plays a role in building collagen.

Vitamin C is perhaps the most critical nutrient for collagen formation. And the good news is it is water soluble so there is no danger of taking too much. Doing a vitamin C flush will allow your grandpa to find out exactly how much his body needs (which no doubt will be a LOT).

So the bottom line is this - I would recommend that he see his doctor to determine why he is losing blood. If it is because of his thin skin, have your grandpa get a vitamin D test to determine his vitamin D levels. That will let him know how much vitamin D he has to take to get and keep his levels over 50 ng/ml.

And have him do a vitamin C flush. That will tell him how much of the vitamin his body needs to repair his skin, boost his immune system, and more (see benefits of vitamin C).

I hope this has been helpful.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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