Low in Magnesium and Chloride with Poor Digestion

by albert

Hello melissa.

What a great site you have.

I am albert, 34 years old and for the last 2 years my health went up and down.
I finally found out what it is and was searching the internet for similar things, little could be found until i found something you posted what is what i think i have.

I have very low stomach acid. That is the thing I discovered. The thing is my doctor did not know that and gave me antacids, i know very bad :( , that made me sicker so i stopped but the damage was already done.

I had a lot of stress going on in my life because of sick children and because of that very little sleep and rest.

This makes stomach acid even less which i know now.

I got sicker and sicker and could not eat anymore without feeling even more bad. I got all kind of digestion problem including intestines, acidic, thyroid, liver and pancreas. And was losing a lot of weight rapidly.

The doctors did all kind of test but could not find anything and sended me home although i was really really sick.

Now i know that that is because of too little acid. And that i had malabsorption of minerals and vitamins and that my body was getting acidic because i could not buffer it anymore with the alkaline minerals.

I had to stop with work, and very slowly I managed to get up again with reading a lot by myself on the internet but did not know exactly why. I did something right, i alkalized to tried so much minerals and vitamins and it worked.

The thing is that every time (2 times) when i got back to work after several months of rest and regaining weight it collapses again.
Now i know why . I need more energy when i work, its very intense, that robs me of my minerals again very quick because i have not enough reserves anymore.

I eat more protein and this costs me magnesium etc, i sweat out more minerals etc.

Although i take minerals and vitamins when i work and eat very healthy, its still not enough.

I noticed I had trouble digestion fats so now i started a liver cleanse and a lot of old green bile came out.

I also noticed that when i started with betaine hcl my digestion went up but only when i eat protein and vegetables low starch. So i also read about food combining which should help digest things better. This works so it seems.

I learned that starches need a different pH then proteins to digest and that the pH in the stomach is regulated because of that by the alkaline minerals which i am getting short, which by that creates low stomach acid.

I am going around in circles this way.

Now for my question, I need to alkalise, i did the liver cleanse today because of that. Bile alkalises and because it was blocked (i think because of the 2 years without adequate acid and bile only works with acid enough pH).

I am going to seperate my food so combine vegetables with protein, etc.

I eat a lot of green vegetables and use sole.
I also make mineral rich bone broth.

I use enzyme rich food.

I soak my nuts because of the enzyme inhibitors, i do not eat gluten, soja, and dairy and not to no phytic acid.

No additives, only sea salt but do supply iodine etc etc.

Are there any other ways to get in my minerals without diluting the stomach acid needed by the alkaline minerals?

When i take supplement which are alkaline like Magnesium, Calcium etc, should i take lemon with it?

The problem is i am so low in stomach acid that it is hard to alkalise and still eat enough to stay on weight.

I read that magnesium is needed by the parietal cells on your site:

HCl Supplements Effect on Body pH

That is exactly what i have but in a severe and bad state already.

I know my magnesium and chloride are low too, that was measured by a homeopathic doctor. And have a lot of symptoms from magnesium deficiency too but because of the acidic state of my intestines and the low stomach acid magnesium is not well absorbed.

In fact when i take protein and non starchy vegetables together with some HCl i do not need much hcl then. but as soon as i include starches in the same meal which require a different pH to digest it goes wrong, i can take all the HCl that i want then but my body is unable to manage that.
But as said i cannot live on vegetables and protein alone. it is quite difficult and i try so hard.

So I finally figured out what the problem is but I do not know where to start.

Do you have any other tips to get things up?

Thank you already.

I hope my english is clear enough with all these terms. I am from germany



Hi Albert,

Sorry to hear about all of your health issues.

Our health is a complicated matter and unfortunately it can take some time to figure out the best path for healing.

I'm sure you realize that you didn't get like this overnight. Our bodies can take a lot of abuse before we start showing symptoms of something going wrong. Healing takes time, but I'm glad to see you are being so proactive.

Some things will probably work well for you, others not so much. Healing is like putting together a puzzle. We find one piece that gets us a little closer, but it isn't the full picture.

I know how frustrating this can be, but trial and error is all we have. We are on our own since most doctors are not interested in working with us to get to the actual root of our health problems. It is easier to take a pill that masks symptoms.

You are exactly right about needing to build up your mineral reserves.

I can give you one suggestion about increasing your magnesium and chloride levels. You can bypass your digestive tract all together by rubbing magnesium oil on your skin.

They call it magnesium oil, but it actually is magnesium chloride. It gets the name "oil" because it feels slick to the touch.

Every day rub some on your skin, alternating areas of the body. With topical application you don't have to worry about getting too much. It is also far superior to oral supplements in terms of absorption.

This takes time though. Try it our for at least a few months before getting your levels retested.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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