Natural Herpes Remedy

by Fiorella
(London, UK)

Dear Melissa,

My name is Fiorella, I'm an Italian girl (26) currently living in the UK. I've found your website and I think it's really interesting and helpful.

I'd like to ask your advice: I've been suffering from Herpes Labialis since I was a child, but now the problem seems to be worsening and the outbreaks are getting incredibly frequent and virulent.

It makes me feel very uncomfortable: I know there are worse things, but my cold sores make me feel really undesirable (and undesired, because obviously my boyfriend doesn't kiss me at all when I have one or SOME of them -even four or five- on my lips).

I've tried several kinds of treatments (Zovirax, Aciclovir, Vectavir etc) but they aren't really effective with my cold sores and just make me feel frustrated.

I know how this virus works and I know that I could (at least partly) prevent the outbreaks by boosting my immune system: what do you suggest me to do? I eat healthy food, try to get regular rest, don't smoke and don't really drink alcohol.

I know you probably receive a large amount of emails, but I would be really grateful if you could give me your advice.

Please, help me find a natural herpes remedy, it would really improve my life.

Thank you



Hi Fiorella,

Thanks for the compliments about my site – it's always great to hear that the information I provide is useful to my visitors.

As you know, your herpes outbreaks are the result of a viral infection. What you probably don't know is that there are specific nutrients that are excellent at controlling viruses.

The three that I feel are most important are vitamin C, vitamin D, and the amino acid supplement lysine.

Using all three together would be a powerful natural herpes remedy.

Vitamin C directly destroys viruses, but you'll need to take enough to see the effect. Most people underestimate just how much vitamin C is needed to overtake these kinds of infections.

Each person is unique in how much they need however. The goal is to take enough vitamin C to get relief from your symptoms, yet not enough to cause diarrhea. This is called titrating to bowel tolerance. More information can be found on my vitamin C flush page.

Don't be surprised if you need somewhere around 50,000 mg (or 50 grams) per day to get the sores to disappear.

Just make sure you use plain ascorbic acid. If you use a vitamin C that is buffered with minerals, you'll ingest way too many minerals with such a high dose – that would not be safe.

You can apply the ascorbic acid to the sores as a paste too. Just mix the crystals with a little water, apply to the sore, and let dry. Leaving the paste on overnight would be best.

The vitamin D is important because, when we have enough of it, our bodies can turn on antimicrobial proteins that destroy viruses (and bacteria too). But the only way to know how much you'd need would be to have a simple blood test (see vitamin D testing for more info).

I am curious if you noticed more outbreaks once you moved to the UK. Italy is closer to the equator, so you would have had the potential to make more vitamin D from the sun there than the UK.

You'd need to get enough natural vitamin D to get you vitamin D levels up over 50 ng/ml (or 125 nmol/L). Keeping your levels this high all year round will make it difficult for the virus to flare up.

Lastly, let's not forget about lysine. Taking 1-4 grams per day will prevent the virus from properly utilizing the nutrients it needs to survive. You would take this amount during an outbreak, or at the first signs of an outbreak approaching.

Hopefully this is useful to you.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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lavender oil
by: Anonymous

my grandaughter suffers from cold sores too. We have applied lavender oil as soon as she feels her lip burning it stops the cold sores from coming up and even dries it up really fast we use the lavender oil from Yve Rocher it is pleasant and does not hurt. This oil has the ability to go under the skin and destroy viruses and bacteria.

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