Natural Liver Fluke Treatment

by Loren

Hi Melissa,

I am writing you today because I believe I am potentially inhabiting lung/liver flukes and am looking for a natural liver fluke treatment.

I'm having symptoms which could indicate such a parasite, these include:

-breathing (stuffiness) difficulties at night

-sudden onset of diarrhea, last for about a week, then stops for a few weeks before returning

-cough (typically unproductive, sometimes productive with blood)

-itchy anus (comes and goes)

-easily bloated


I've traveled and camped a fair amount and believe I could have picked up a fluke or worm during one of these outings. I have traveled to Africa and other countries where sanitation wasn't a priority.

I've done one 30-day run of humaworm (6 months ago) and my symptoms did appear to lesson until about two months ago. I also notice that when I take a flaxseed oil supplement with cinnamon I can feel things moving around (like squirming) in my liver area. At first I thought this was what was causing my symptoms, so I stopped the flaxseed oil and cinnamon for a few weeks but my symptoms continued (thought maybe I was consuming too many fats).

Do you have any recommendations for a natural liver fluke treatment?

I bought a 'zapper' to try out although I'm dubious if they have any real effectiveness against parasites. If I do have flukes, how do I get rid of them?

Thank you for your time and listening to my problem. You are immensely helpful and your service to human health is invaluable. I hope I can return the favor in some way.

Thank you again, Loren


Hi Loren,

For liver flukes, the best thing I know of is goldenseal (pure, not as a combo with anything else). Take no more than 300 mg three times a day - always with food so it doesn't upset your stomach. And only for a three week period, no longer.

Don't take goldenseal if you have low blood sugar though, as it will lower it even more.

If you are looking for a general parasite cleanse, check out the DrNatura program I have on my best body detox page:

Colonics are also a good way to flush out flukes. Although they would work better after the three week goldenseal regimen.

And thank you for the kind words. It really means a lot to me.

You can help support my site by submitting a testimonial on my contact me page.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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experience by flukes
by: Anonymous

I cleaned out a fish pond in my back yard, got in barefoot, I got real sick almost died,they brought me back 8 times,anyway for liver flukes,I alternated took good herbs from Dr.
I passed thousands of liver get herb with b.walnut Hull,wormwood, dandelion and several but make sure it's a good one, it's been 16.months and I'm doing better, good luck

Natural fluke treatment
by: Anonymous

Try using cinnamon, papaya and pumpkin seeds (raw), pure juices: coconut, papaya, acai, pomegranite. Make the body a bad host by keeping it alkaline by using organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar and fresh squeezed lemon in warm mineral water, with Himalayan sea salt for flushing them out. Do this for an extended period, while taking kyolic (garlic) pills for a month or so. These natural ingredients will kill them off and the salt water flush will flush them out. Pharmaceuticals are not needed.

liver flukes alternative help
by: Dolores

you might consider coffee enemas in your anti-flukes treatments. It is proven that coffee enemas flush these horrible parasite out. It has to be done every day for 10 days.

I hope this might help those who suffer from parasites and colon or liver problems.


liver flukes
by: dcky

1-11-12 i passed a chinese or asian liver fluke from visually identification(books,web).spent time in so. east asia where these bad flukes come from(tropical areas) while in the navy. what all the experts have come up with is hard toxic drugs,such as praziquantel n a few others. also from mid east they have also used myrrh gum extract to rid these worst parasites.a stool test(s)are usually needed to confirm eggs etc.i,m now waiting on results from genova diagonostics from my last stool sample. the v.a. said i was clean from their stool tests n i should have expected from doing related research on here n vets info letters(widows).this is a bad n rare disease of the liver.the cdc can,t even answer some of my ? to them as of yet.just a fyi to all.get informed for your sakes!

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