Natural UTI Remedy and Prevention

by Nat


I recently read about a natural UTI remedy that involves drinking a glass of water with a teaspoon of baking soda. Since I get many UTIs and kidney infections I tried this and it worked.

I was told the reason it worked was because I was making my urine more acidic which doesn't allow these infections to thrive.

However, now that I've read information on this site about body pH I'm wondering if it's unhealthy to do this.

I also have high blood pressure (which from what I read needs a more alkaline environment to be lower). Do you have any opinion on any of this?

I am also trying to conceive and want to keep my body at its optimal pH level. What should I be striving for considering this two "ailments" I'm faced with?

Any insight would be great, thank you.


Hi Nat,

Baking soda will actually make your urine more alkaline, as opposed to more acidic. But I wouldn't use or recommend it as a natural UTI remedy.

Baking soda can be ingested, but care needs to be taken. Taking too much can be dangerous. As can taking it on a full stomach or before it is completely dissolved in the water.

It can also deplete your body of critical vitamins and minerals. Folic acid is one of those vitamins - which of course is critical for a developing baby.

I recommend cranberry juice instead - which works for urinary tract infections that are well under way as well as those just getting started.

The right kind of cranberry juice is critical though. It needs to be 100% cranberry juice - NOT cranberry drink or cranberry juice mixed with some other fruit (like apple or grape).

It also HAS to be unsweetened. So, yes, it doesn't taste that great. But it works.

Keep drinking the juice all through the day until your symptoms go away. The worst urinary tract infection I ever had took about two days and 2 bottles of juice to go away.

If you catch the UTI early enough, you won't have to drink that much.

Cranberry juice works because it keeps the bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. It functions as a natural antibiotic for the entire urinary system. Blueberry juice does too by the way, as long as it is again 100% juice and not sweetened. But blueberry juice tends to be much harder to find and much more expensive.

To prevent urinary tract infections:

  • Drink water all throughout the day every day

  • Urinate soon after sex

  • Optimize your body pH levels

  • Get your vitamin D levels up over 50 ng/ml

Proper body pH balance, plus supplementing with vitamin C, will also help your high blood pressure.

Hopefully you've found this helpful. If you have any questions, use the comment link below.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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