Truly Non-Toxic Cosmetics

You'll find no imposter brands here - just safe, effective, non-toxic cosmetics from companies dedicated to doing the right thing.

For the last year I've been searching everywhere for the best, most natural body care products. It's not an easy path.

Cosmetic companies are all too aware that we consumers are waking up to the harsh reality that harmful ingredients are in items we once assumed must be safe.

But instead of actually making non-toxic cosmetics, lots of companies are just changing their marketing pitch.

I'm sure you've noticed many commercials jumping on the organic or natural bandwagon. In most cases, these ads are stretching the truth quite a bit.

For more on this, see organic body products and safe cosmetics.

Of course you also have to worry about once respectable companies being bought up by bigger, more profit-hungry corporations. I'm talking specifically about Burt's Bees.

I used to be a loyal customer of theirs - until I noticed the drastic change toward more harmful ingredients in my shampoo and conditioner.

I was shocked, especially since they didn't even label the bottles as having a different formula. I later found out that they had been bought up by Clorox. Coincidence? I think not.

That was what started me on this quest for actual non-toxic cosmetics.

Below you'll find the most natural, safest body care products currently available that actually work. Because we all know that if a product doesn't do what it's supposed to, we're simply not going to use it.

Organic and All Natural Body Care

Dr Bronner's products are great for all natural hair care, body wash, shaving cream, body lotion, lip and body balm, and even toothpaste!

Simplify your beauty routine with these luxurious products that last a long, long time. And feel good knowing that aren't just all natural and organic - they're also fair trade.  My absolute favorite is:

Makeup is particularly difficult to find toxin-free. But search no more. For the last few years I have used Afterglow Cosmetics for all my makeup needs. Their products last a long time which makes them an incredible value.

Check out my detailed review on my organic mineral makeup page.

Crystal Body Deodorants are hands down the best natural deodorants out there. It's a fact that many natural deodorants just don't work, but this one is different. When applied to clean skin it will get you through the toughest day odor free.