Why Organic Meat
Isn't All It's Cracked up to Be

Don't get me wrong - organic meat is much better than conventionally-grown meat that is fed corn, grain - and lately - potato chips and reject M&M's.

Cows are not supposed to eat corn, grain, or any other cheap mysterious ingredients.

Farmers know this.

Their digestive systems are meant to handle only one thing - grass.

But farmers need a lot of land to raise cattle on only grass.

It is much cheaper to keep their animals in confined spaces and feed grains.

organic meat still means confined cows

Cattle also bulk up quicker when fed corn. This means they go to the butcher shop sooner which makes them more profitable.

So why is organic so much more expensive than conventional?

Because farmers need to give their livestock organic feed - which as you know is more expensive. And they need to keep them in good enough condition to avoid antibiotics. So the M&M's are out of the picture.

So yes, organic beef is better for you than conventional beef.

But grass-fed beef is not even in the same league as organic.

Since the cows are allowed to graze on grass in the fresh air and sunshine, their meat is more healthful.

If you are already buying your meat from the organic section, go one step further and get grass-fed meat. When you buy in larger quantities, you can generally save a LOT of money. Again, check out my grass-fed page for buying tips.

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