Best Organic Whole Food Supplements

Organic vitamins and minerals are hard to find

Organic whole food supplements are a necessity if we are looking for a strong immune system and vibrant health.

Unfortunately, traditional farming practices have stripped away most of our soil's nutrients, leaving the food supply (and us) deficient in many critical nutrients.

Supplementation becomes even more important if you consume a lot of pre-packaged, highly processed foods that offer little nutrient value.

Even organic foods have less nutrition that they used to. So even if you are eating whole foods that come from organic sources, you still might be deficient in critical nutrients.

But just any old supplement won't do.

Many vitamin and mineral supplements are made from synthetic chemical isolates - some of which are difficult for our bodies to use.

A good example of this is zinc. Zinc oxide is probably one of the most common forms of zinc found in supplements. It is cheap to make and fairly stable, but our bodies have a hard time absorbing it.

Another example is vitamin D. There are two sources of vitamin D you'll find in supplements - ergocalciferol (also called vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (also called vitamin D3). Vitamin D2 is foreign to the human body. It is only about half as effective as Vitamin D3 yet has much greater chance of toxicity, especially at the higher dosages required to improve vitamin D levels.

That same can be said of some other synthetic vitamins and minerals. Although, to be fair, by no means all.

I use and recommend the brand New Chapter because they are committed to doing right by their customers.

Their products are made from organic, whole food ingredients that are grown and harvested in a sustainable way.

And for those concerned about GMOs, this company has GMO-free supplements.

They have many products, but here are their one-a-day multi vitamins with minerals and herbs (women's and men's formulas).

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