Parasite Infections and My Journey Back to Good Health

by Terry Brannon
(Los Angeles, CA)

When I saw my blood live on screen the first time three years ago, there were grub-worm like larva curled up in every cell and a slew of other creatures swimming around freely.

I was 59 then and had hand tremors that were becoming more and more severe after 12 years. I was anemic, down to 140 pounds, lesions all over my head, face and neck.

I couldn't stand up straight because parasites had gotten in the spine and activated the nerve that rotates the hips out when a woman is about to give birth. Mine did not rotate out as far as they do when a woman gives birth, thankfully, but I screamed in agonizing pain for three weeks.

My medical doctor diagnosed it as a severe staph infection and prescribed powerful antibiotics. I asked him if flies came out of staph sores. He looked at me like I was crazy and said he hoped I wasn't, and added, "That isn't real." He referred me to a dermatologist for a second opinion.

The dermo said, "the flies were my imagination," and that I should go home and cut my nails and stop picking at myself.

Fortunately I found an alternative care biologist and scientist who had a microscope attached to a camera enabling us to view my blood live on screen.

We saw three different parasites active at the same time in the blood stream. I'm writing a book about this incredible journey back to good health.

When the parasites were gone, the tremors were still with me, so I did a hair mineral analysis and the levels of lead, arsenic, aluminum and cadmium were so high they were off the charts and could not be calibrated.

Through a series of magnetic clay baths and supplements, the tremors are virtually gone. I can thread a needle.

Parasites masquerade as anything but a parasite in the body, and medical doctors are not schooled to know anything about this stuff, which was shocking.

I have been receiving ozone treatments for a year, and that's what got me over the hump and put the body back in balance.

I have learned that what we eat dictates our health. We must eat to feed and nourish the body, not to satisfy our taste buds. The body cannot use food that has shelf life. Food that sets on a shelf will keep us alive and that's about it.

Our immune system is perfectly designed to kick out infection and disease before they can take root and start grow in the body. But without the right fuel, our immune system is compromised and the body slowly decays, not because of old age, because of neglect and ignorance.

We cannot know what we are not taught. Health has never been regarded as important in our educational
curriculum. In 16 years of going to school, I don't remember studying health at all.

It was never important to me, either, but it is now. It seems every bit as important as learning our ABCs.


Hi Terry,

Thank you very much for sharing your story. It is much appreciated and hopefully it can help others going through a similar ordeal.

Unfortunately, I know very little about parasitic infections as I've never had to deal with them. Definitely seems like something I should look into.

Wishing you the best of health.

Approach Wellness

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by: Anonymous Bev

Have been fighting what I believe is parasite(s) for 17 years at this point am literally being eaten alive. Multiple Drs. Could I please find out who looked at your blood for you?

Rebounder part of the protocol
by: terry branon

A rebounder was recommended as part of the protocol for my recovery from parasites and an overload of toxic heavy metals in the body. I'd been a marathon runner before switching to riding a LifeCycle. There was no connection at first, but before long I started feeling the benefits of rebounding and wondering why I'd never heard about it. My body looks forward to it every day. Love your website and the information you provide.

by: Hank

The medical community in this country is ill-equipped to deal with any nutritional issues, much less with parasites which are becoming endemic in this country as our diets suppress our bodies natural defenses. Good on you Mr. Brannon, sounds like you have done your research. Where can I get your book?

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