Essential Oils Recipe for Chronic Headaches

by Missy

I have been dealing with chronic occipital headaches located in the back of the head. It is very debilitating, and I'm looking for a natural remedy. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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Dec 11, 2015
Chronic Headaches
by: Kate

Hello Missy

The short answer to headaches is Lavender. Rub a drop or two of neat Lavender at the base of your head.

But it does depend on what is causing the headaches. Do you wake up with it? If so, it could be your pillow (believe it or not!). Or stress related. Does the headache travel up your head to the forehead and throb in the temples? It could be a migraine.

I am going to do a whole page on headaches within the next week or so. Would you like me to contact you when it is live? If so, please send me your email details via Contact Me (that way it will remain private).