Thisilyn Cleanse

by Seyi
(North Carolina)

I stumbled on your website and I am glad I did. I have

been doing a lot of research on alternative health and preventive measures.

I try my very best to stay healthy - I know about all the health benefits of exercise - I lift weights and play soccer.

I eat relatively well (quit soda and fast foods about a year ago). I am in good physical shape but still fall sick more than the average person.

I just ordered some pH strips and I am seriously researching candida. I recently got affected with Jock itch and I know I keep my underwear

I am also working on getting more sleep as I have been living on less than 6 hrs of sleep daily.

Any additional tips? Does the inexpensive cleansing formula (Thisilyn Cleanse) that you recommend fight candida also?



Hi Seyi,

I'm sorry to say that the Thisilyn cleanse product I recommend will not take care of candida overgrowth.

It is good for beginners wanting a full body detox, but the product isn't right for ridding the body of excess yeast.

That's because candida albicans is quite a tough foe to beat once it takes over the gut - even more so once it gets into the bloodstream.

The only way to treat candida is to bring your body pH balance back. This requires a lot of focus on diet and alkaline supplements for an extended period of time - say a few months for a severe candida infection.

There are many products that claim to treat candida. I've tried a lot of them in the past. The symptoms sometimes subsided, but after a little while they always came back.

That's because they don't treat the underlying reason the yeast grew out of control in the first place. They just kill off the yeast that are already there (if you're lucky). If you don't correct your internal environment, the colonies will just grow back.

The DrNatura programs I recommend (also on the best body detox page) do work to get rid of yeast, thoroughly cleanse the colon, detox the body, balance the body pH, and (incredibly important for yeast overgrowth) they have excellent prebiotic and probiotic formulas that help "seed" the gut with beneficial bacteria.

But of course you don't need their program to get relief. I just recommend it so highly because it is an "all-in-one" kind of program.

The yeast also cause insomnia in some people - as an FYI.

Obviously it would be better to teach people how to prevent candida overgrowth in the first place (rather than having them try to control it later in life).

But our medical system makes a lot of money off of people with candida-related health issues (and low body pH health issues). And of course all the drugs that they push often contribute to systemic candida and low body pH.

We really are on our own when it comes to being healthy.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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