Using a Rebounder After Hysterectomy

by Susan Brock
(Tyler, Tx)

I had a rebounder but my mother told me to get rid of it because I have had a hysterectomy and she said it would be terrible to be bouncing due to that.

Is this true?


Hi Susan,

I certainly wouldn't want to say that your mother is wrong (aren't they always right?), but here is how I look at it.

If you've had a hysterectomy recently, and your body hasn't had enough time to heal, then I would definitely say that bouncing on a rebounder would be a bad idea.

However, if you have fully recovered I see no reason why you shouldn't use one. After all, it is incredibly low impact and certainly much easier on you than many other forms of exercise.

And the rebounder trampoline is the only form of exercise that will strengthen every cell in your body - which is just what you need to prevent a prolapse.

It would obviously be a good idea to proceed slowly and gently. Perhaps start out with just a few minutes of health bouncing (details can be found at rebounder exercises) a few times a day.

If all feels well, increase each week to a few more minutes of health bouncing a few times a day. This will give your organs, muscles, and ligaments time to strengthen.

After a month or two, or depending on how you feel, you can move on to higher bounces or light aerobic moves.

Good nutrition will also play a role in keeping your organs in place.

Make sure you get enough vitamin C and vitamin D every day. Most of us do not get anywhere near enough. And unfortunately the RDA for both vitamins is woefully inadequate.

Vitamin D benefits include protecting against pelvic prolapse by keeping your muscles strong.

Vitamin C benefits include being essential for building and repairing collagen, which keeps your connective tissue strong.

Both nutrients tend to be VERY low in those with pelvic floor issues.

Hope this has been helpful (and your mom approves!).

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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by: Anonymous

Good afternoon

What time scale who you suggest for a recovery period?


I think it would be safe when you are able to lift heavy objects again. Recovery from a hysterectomy is definitely personal and may vary according to your health and circumstances. Please consult with your physician. According to the the UK's NHS, your hospital should provide advice about exercise while you recover. You may need to be slow about returning to rebounding because of stress on the body's pelvic floor and urinary tract.

According to the NHS, walking is always recommended once you are able to get up and move about. Once you feel up to it and your doctor recommends a return to regular exercise that includes lifting, start by trying to rebound very slowly and stop if you experience any discomfort or side effects.

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Page last reviewed: 22/03/2016, Next review due: 22/11/2018

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