Using Magnesium Oil with Vitamin D

Thanks for your page about the importance of using magnesium oil with vitamin D.

You spelled out the answer I was looking for.

I've been taking 5,000 IU of vitamin D for a few months now and recently started suffering episodes of rapid and/or irregular heartbeat. I put it down to recent stress and anxiety - or high levels of zinc I've also been taking (for 'pyroluria'). But stopping the zinc didn't fix it.

Now I've stopped the vitamin D since yesterday and I have a feeling this was causing it. I've just started using magnesium oil and will wait to reintroduce the vitamin D until I feel the magnesium has improved. (I'm also hoping to see improvement with issues such as digestion, sexual function, and scalp psoriasis.)




Glad you found the page about magnesium and vitamin D helpful. Magnesium deficiency is incredibly common and in and of itself a serious health concern.

A lot of people are finding themselves in your situation. They learn about the importance of raising their vitamin D levels, but find that they have trouble taking enough (or have trouble raising their levels even though they are taking enough vitamin D).

Generally, the underlying cause with a problem like yours is a magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is required for proper utilization of vitamin D (among other critical functions). If you increase your vitamin D intake and are low in magnesium, you can experience the kind of side effects you mentioned (heart racing and arrhythmia).

So why is this happening? Your vitamin D intake is revealing an underlying magnesium deficiency (enough magnesium is critical for proper heart function). Perhaps alarming for you, but it's incredibly good to know. Now you can do something about it.

The magnesium oil is a fast and easy way to get your levels up to where they should be. Just be sure to rotate the areas you spray it on for maximum absorption. Your levels will probably be in the healthy range within a couple of months (oral supplements are much less effective and can take a year or more!).

And just a brief mention about the zinc – if you try out the zinc taste test, you'll know if you are getting enough of the mineral for good health.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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just one site about magnesium
by: Anonymous

I googled: how do I know I am low in magnesium.
And got hits. This was the first site in the list.

Many more sites go check them out and compare. I've been taking my magnesium at night because I read that in the beginning you MAY experience some diarrhea. I take magnesium citrate which is a powder you disolve in water. My thought here is, if it belongs inside I'm going to put it inside. But that's just me. From what I have read it doesn't matter when you take it and I highly suggest you go have a read for yourself. Please don't take someone else's word for something you can check out yourself. I certainly didn't just read a blog comments section and do what they did. I did read blog comments and get ideas of what to check out for myself. Happy info hunting. ~cheers~

Something I found
by: Anonymous

In searching the vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium conundrum I discovered, on Dr. Mercola's site, an additional vitamin that should be in this mix. The fourth component is Vitamin K2. There are articles and videos explaining it. Vitamin K2 is not to be confused with vitamin K found in dark leafy green vegetables, and is a blood coagulator or something. K2 comes from, this is the short list, natto and some specific cheeses Goulda, Brie, and Edam. This is very simplified as I am simply a novice seeking information. My take on this information is that K2 interacts with D and forms a sort of protein that guilds calcium from where it is not supposed to be. Such as kidneys causing stones, arteries causing hardening, and other soft tissue. These proteins guide the calcium to bones and teeth ect where it's supposed to be. These articles made a lot of sense to me as I have read several articles about people taking high doses of calcium and vitamin d and the problems that are happening as I mentioned before. I take 5k D3 with calcium and magnesium citrate and I have graduated from osteoporosis to osteopenia. I also take strontium Bone Maker brand as the actonel stuff is just scary. Last year I had a 17% increase in bone mass. This is great seems to be working and I don't want a heart attack for my efforts. Go read for yourself and see if it's something you can use. ~Cheers~

How do you know you a low in Magnesium and when should you take it
by: Anonymous

Hi I was recently diagnosed with very low vitamin D but I also have a hormonal imbalance so I think that I should try taking Magnesium as well. How do you check to see if you are deficient?

Can you take both Magnesium and D3 at the same time or should they be staggered?

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