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Using the Bellicon rebounder and hiatal hernia

by Lorraine

Hello. Can I use the rebounder if I have a hiatal hernia/digestive issues or will it make things worse? I’ve heard mixed reports?

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Refrain from strenuous exercise until cleared
by: Brian

Hi Lorraine,

First, please follow the advice of your physician. I have a friend with a hernia who had to refrain from heavy lifting exercises until healed from surgery.

That said, you do need to maintain a healthy weight. So light walking, jogging, etc. may be recommended by your doctor unless you have a severe condition.

You should be able to use the rebounder for walking and other types of exercises that are beneficial. Again, check with the health care provider about your specific condition. More than likely, they will tell you to exercise, but avoid exercises and lifts that strain the upper abdominal area. Until you heal, avoid heavy weight training. And, this is not the time to start building six pack abs. Save that for later.

All the best to your wellness,

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