Vitamin C and teeth enamel

by Pedro
(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)


A few days ago, I started taking 6000 mg/ day of vitamin C. I divide is in 4 doses, each one dissolved in a glass of water (250 ml). Should I worry about my teeth enamel?

Thank you.

By the way, this is a very nice site!

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what to do with your Vitamin C
by: Katherine

If you are taking the vitamin C in water just rinse your mouth out after drinking the vitamin C water thats what I do . I take 2,000 a day of the Thompson powder. I hope this helps.

Thank you
by: Pedro

Hi, Brian

Thank you very much!

Low pH and Enamel
by: PC

If you are taking the Vit C as powder dissolved in liquid/water, it'd be my guess that as long as you drink it at a normal or normal/vast pace, followed by swishing your mouth with some regular warm water, I doubt the low pH Vit C solution would even be able to impact your teeth.

Research that Method of Consumption of Vitamin C Could Degrade Tooth Enamel
by: Brian

Hi Pedro,

I do find some studies to corroborate concerns about vitamin C and tooth enamel. Consider discussing your regimen with an oral specialist. A 1992 finding by a Dental Branch at the University of Texas Health Science Center found that salivary pH can decrease while dissolving vitamin C-containing tablets and damage teeth by dissolving enamel. "Salivary pH while dissolving vitamin C-containing tablets. - Abstract ...." Accessed 25 Feb. 2017.

Also related, chewable vitamin C supplements are disclosed in studies as far back as 1983 to erode enamel, and case reports from experts in dentistry have continued to crop us since then. See "Dental Erosion from an Excess of Vitamin C - Hindawi." 4 May. 2014, Accessed 25 Feb. 2017.

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