Where to Buy Organic Gluten Free Bread?

by Pauline
(Livermore, Maine)

Dear Melissa,

I've been an organic gal all of my life and have been recently diagnosed with dh/celiac disease.

I have been successful in finding almost everything that is both organic and gluten free with the exception of bread. I am so frustrated and sad. I shop at Whole Foods where I buy my organic produce and meats etc... All my supplements are gluten free as well.

I was wondering if you can help me locate an organic gluten free bread? I have written to so many companies - the last is Rudi's - they make an organic bread line and a gluten free line but not one that is both organic and gluten free.

They claim that their gluten free line is non-GMO but they don't state it on their packaging because they state that the FDA says they have to have their product line tested by an outside source for checking for GMOs.

Sincerely discouraged,



Hi Pauline,

I will agree with you that it is difficult to find a bakery that makes bread that is both organic and gluten free. But I have found one.

It's called New Grains Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread and it is a family owned business located in Provo, UT. They ship to the U.S. through their website and Amazon.com.

I have not tried their breads, but it looks like a lovely little bakery that is committed to making healthy products with fine ingredients.

If you do give them a try, I'd appreciate it if you would let me know how you like their products (by leaving a comment below).

And it is true that companies need to get third-party verification for non-GMO labeling.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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organic & gluten free breads
by: Sharon

I just ordered from Manna Bakery in Chicago. Very happy that I found them but the bread is so small. 2 and a half inches tall. It's hard to make and eat a sandwich. Bread brakes apart easily but if you must have gluten free and organic like me, it's a good choice. Hope this helps.


Hi Sharon,

Thanks also for sharing!

Approach Wellness

organic gluten free bread
by: MaryB

I just ordered Organic Gluten Free bread from Grindstone Bakery for the first time. They ship every Tuesday and are located in California.



Hi Mary,

Looks like you found another little bakery that makes both organic and gluten free breads. I'd appreciate it if you let us know how you like their products.

Thanks for sharing!

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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