Body pH, Pregnancy, and Personal Smell

by Renee

I noticed that during my last pregnancy I started giving off a COMPLETELY different smell.

I tried to research it and did see that the subject of body pH came up during some of my searches.

I found it all kind of confusing.

Since having my baby it has not changed.

Have you heard of anything like this?


Hi Renee,

It is very common for changing hormones during pregnancy to change your personal smell.

Generally, body odors get stronger and more musky smelling.

But your personal smell should go back to normal once the baby is born. If you've had your child recently, maybe you just need to give your hormones more time to get back to normal.

It is, however, possible for an acidic body pH to have an influence on body odor.

The toxins and metabolic waste that have built up inside an acidic body can result in stronger body odor as the skin tries to release some of them (see skin detox).

If that's the case, natural body detox would be the way to go.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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