Natural Skin Detox

Why bother learning about skin detox?

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Because your skin is your largest organ of detoxification.

Every single pore is an opening that allows wastes to exit. Not exactly a pretty picture, I know, but it's true.

And odds are good that you are inhibiting your body's ability to detoxify through the skin.

Do you frequently:

  • wear tight clothing?
  • wear synthetic clothing?
  • use products that inhibit sweating, like antiperspirants?
  • use body care products containing harmful chemicals?

Understanding how the skin cleanses your body can help tremendously when trying to assist with natural body detox.

So how does the skin help detoxify your body?

Ideally, it wouldn't have to do a whole lot - the other organs are generally capable of covering our detoxing needs. But when we are exposed to more toxins than we can handle, those organs begin to function less optimally.

This is very common in today's environment.

Especially regarding the liver.

When our liver is overburdened, it has to store what it cannot process. And it prefers to store toxins in a spot that will do us the least amount of harm.

That happens to be in our fat cells just beneath the skin.

From there it is up to your skin to push those toxic substances and bodily wastes out through the sweat glands (we have over 2 million of them).

But if you inhibit that process, by way of the bulleted list above, your skin will be unable to release those toxins. Your body will reabsorb them - and this is definitely not a cycle you want to find yourself in.

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