Buffered Vitamin C Crystals

by Mandy
(Shelby, NC)

I noticed on your best vitamin C page that you recommend the Ecological Formulas Buffered vitamin C Crystals (250gms).

I have to take buffered vitamin C when I do take this type of supplement because it upsets my stomach if I take regular vitamin C that is acidic or not buffered. I am just curious if this is a high dose of vitamin C?

Are the crystals the same as the tablets? I do not want to end up with diarrhea by taking this supplement. Haha.

Which is why I would have a lower dose instead of a higher does. Or at least start out on a lower dose and work my way up to a higher dose.


Hi Mandy,

The tablets from Ecological Formulas are just crystals in pill form.

The non-buffered vitamin C crystals I recommend work best for those looking to use vitamin C as a common cold remedy or for a vitamin C flush.

The buffered vitamin C crystals are good for those wanting to mix the crystals into a drink and supplement that way. Ascorbic acid provides a nice effervescence to the drink.

For either powder, generally about a half teaspoon equals 2500 mg. That's probably plenty for a day if you eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables. It is certainly not enough to give you diarrhea.

Both products contain pure ascorbic acid from a non-corn, non-GMO source. Non-GMO vitamin C is INCREDIBLY hard to find.

If you scroll a little further down that best vitamin C page, you'll see a whole food vitamin C complex that I recommend (also non-GMO of course). For daily supplementing this would be best.

Save the ascorbic acid crystals or powder for when you need a significantly higher dose.

The whole food vitamin C complex will be VERY gentle on your stomach. So much so that you can even take it on an empty stomach.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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