Candida Albicans Role in Cancer Risk

by Jennifer
(La Plata, MD)

I had a baby in March 2010 and immediately afterwards began having varied and strange symptoms. After many doctors' visits and treatment for individual symptoms I have finally been diagnosed with Candida Albicans (a year later!).

I am wondering if a diagnosis of Candida also means I should have a colonoscopy to make sure I don't have cancer - or if I am being paranoid.

I know Candida can be caused by hormone shifts so maybe the baby caused it. My case made my tongue and throat burn with almost everything I ate until I went on the diet, gave me thrush after a round of antibiotics and even attacked my thyroid slightly.

What do you think? Should I have my colon checked? I am only 33. I can't believe I am having to worry about this.

Scared Mom of Three

P.S. In addition to the diet my doctor also gave me Nystatin (1 tsp 3x daily). Is this enough treatment?


Hi Jennifer,

You are fortunate that one of your doctors actually made the candida diagnosis. Most of those suffering from candida albicans never find out from their doctor, as the general medical consensus is that candida overgrowth is only a problem for the severely immmunocompromised.

A systemic candida infection will create a low oxygen, high acid environment in your body. Healthy cells struggle in such conditions, while cancer cells tend to thrive.

But that doesn't mean that you will get cancer if you have candida - far from it. It just means that, left untreated, you might be more at risk than someone without a candida infection.

Are your candida symptoms pointing more toward overgrowth in just the digestive tract, or do you believe it to be more systemic?

If candida hasn't gotten into your bloodstream, it is much easier to deal with. If hormone shifting from your pregnancy was to blame, and this is your first time dealing with candida, then the Nystatin might be enough.

Check your body pH. If your pH levels are in the healthy range, finish the course of drugs and see how you feel. But if you are in the acidic range, the drugs will not be enough.

In order to beat back candida to normal levels, you need to balance your body pH and supplement with a good probiotic supplement (to reintroduce the good bacteria that competes with candida).

See my page on a natural candida cleanse for more info.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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check for lyme
by: Anonymous

Please check for Lyme disease through Igenex. I, too, had systemic candida (before abx), thyroid issues, hormone issues, etc. Now I'm being treated for both Lyme & candida...could be another layer of the onion for you.

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