Natural Candida Cleanse -
Address the Root Cause of Infection

When I was struggling with severe systemic candida, I wanted nothing more than a natural candida cleanse that actually worked. I had gotten to the point of desperation.

I tried so many products that I simply lost count. Some didn't work for me at all. Some would work for a while - giving me a bit of hope. But then those familiar candida symptoms would sneak back. It was terribly depressing.

I finally beat the infection for good, but it was a slow and arduous process. If I knew then what I know now, it wouldn't have had to be that way.

Most products that claim to provide a natural candida cleanse do not actually address the root of the infection. They simply offer band-aid solutions that only benefit their bottom line.

It becomes clear when you realize just what has to go into treating candida albicans. You need a product that will:

  • clear the excess yeast from your intestinal tract, your bloodstream and your internal organs
  • clean your colon to take away the yeasts' "habitat" (i.e. impacted fecal material)
  • remove the toxins released by the yeast before and after they die
  • provide a natural body detox to get your health back on track
  • balance your body pH to prevent the yeast from returning
  • reestablish the good bacteria in your gut

The above list demonstrates what you need for a natural candida cleanse. And there is one company that fulfills these needs. And it does it with natural ingredients that work with your body.

That company is DrNatura and the products are Colonix and ToxinOut. How I wish I would have found them many years ago.

You'll more than likely need the full 3 month program with both products (Colonix and ToxinOut) to ensure that the candida infection has been completely taken care of.

But no worries. The company gives a full 60 day money back guarantee.

And you'll definitely be feeling much better by then, so there really is no risk. And honestly, it works out to about $6.00 per day - not much to reclaim your health!

I've recommended these products to many people with terrible symptoms of candida - including members of my own family. All had a complete recovery and are back to feeling like themselves again.

To help make sure the yeast do not overgrow again, check out the list of candida causes.

Also, add organic coconut oil to your diet. This incredibly healthy oil has anti-fungal properties that when consumed regularly, will keep the yeast at bay.

- - Natural Candida Cleanse