How to do a Candida Cleanse

A candida cleanse is any kind of program designed to rid the body of a candida albicans infection.

Generally, three approaches can be taken:

  1. Anti-fungal drugs are taken to directly kill candida.
  2. A strict candida diet is followed to starve the fungus.
  3. Supplements are taken that target the yeast directly and/or boost the immune system enough so the body can take care of the infection itself.

We'll look at each of these a little closer. But first let me say that with each of these methods, the candida can come back if the underlying issue isn't addressed.

And I know how incredibly frustrating it is to begin to feel better only to have that snatched away weeks later because you've stopped treatment.

If the candida infection is severe, you are more than likely experiencing the symptoms of acidosis. Turning your body pH back around to being slightly alkaline will get rid of the yeast for good.

There is a program that will kill the yeast and balance your body pH to keep them from coming back. Learn more about this natural candida cleanse.

Anti-fungal drugs

I take issue with the anti-fungal drugs as a candida cleanse method. Yeast, just like bacteria, can become resistant to medications. This is a tenacious little organism to begin with - we don't need to be making it more so.

These drugs also do not address the reason why the yeast grew out of control to begin with. In many cases they just come back after treatment is stopped.

These drugs also suppress your immune system. To fight this infection you'll need your immune system to be as strong as possible.

The Candida Diet

I'm not here to tell you that this candida cleanse method is easy, because it is not. But it is effective because it cuts off the yeast's food supply.

The candida diet allows you to eat as much meats, vegetables, yogurt, healthy oils, nuts and seeds as you want. What's not on the menu? Practically everything else including sugar, flour, grains, fruits (including dried fruit), mushrooms, yeasted breads, alcohol, and any other foods you might have developed a sensitivity to.

Not a lot of variety, you say? I completely agree. This diet is incredibly difficult, especially since the little "yeasties" will be sending signals to your brain to crave sugar.

I've found that motivation is the easiest way to stay on this diet long enough to beat back the infection. Think about what fungus does. Its only job is to break down organic matter.

When we have a systemic candida infection, the fungus is trying to break down our tissues while we are still alive!! To get your health back you MUST get rid of this infection.

So how long do you need to stay on this diet? Generally about 3-4 weeks.

The good news is that, if you follow the diet correctly, you should begin to feel much better within a couple of weeks.

The bad news is if your life still includes any candida causes, the yeast will indeed come back - along with all the terrible symptoms.

So what to do? Find supplements that battle back against candida so you can enjoy most of the healthy foods you love. And learn about how to achieve body pH balance.

Supplements for candida are especially important if you have to go on antibiotics, steroids, or other medications.

Supplements for Candida Albicans

There are numerous supplements that kill candida and would be appropriate on a candida cleanse. Here are the main ones:

Do you need to take all of these? No, of course not! But knowing which supplements kill candida will help you choose products that will actually work.

Finding a good fiber blend is also very important. Candida often cause bowel problems. Sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea, sometimes both! Taking healthy fiber (like psyllium seed husks) will help regulate your digestive tract. It will also absorb toxins released by the yeast into the bowel.

Okay, now that you have all this information on how to do a candida cleanse, there is one more thing you need to be aware of. Sometimes when you kill off candida too quickly, a flood of toxins are released that can make you feel terrible.

Let's go over why this happens, what symptoms to expect, and how to minimize any discomfort in the next section about candida die off.

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