Candida Cure

by Joleen

I started a candida cleanse 3 weeks ago. I was starting to feel a lot more energy, much less allergies, and less anxiety after the first week. I was hoping I has finally found a candida cure.

Now, my old symptoms seem to be returning a little bit - and I'm not even done with the candida cleanse!

A friend of mine thinks that I should be "careful" about trying all these "herbal, natural" cleanse programs. She's very skeptical of a colon cleanse. She says she's seen people get "hooked" on doing colon cleanses and cleanses in general. Like a different cleanse every other month or so. And that it was "too much." That sounded extreme to me.

I've spent over $1000 now on doctor bills and drugs only to find out that I have severe adrenal fatigue with low thyroid and extremely low adrenaline. But my adrenal fatigue is so bad that I can't take the optimum dosage of dessicated, natural T3 for my thyroid.

I am taking DHEA and Isocort to supplement the cortisol that my adrenals aren't producing right now. But because of the hypothyroid issue, I have the accompanying depression, inability to lose weight, lack of muscle tone, sleep difficulties, the list seems endless. I know it all goes hand-in-hand with a candida infection.

Before I order the colon cleanse, I guess I have a few questions.

1) After Dr. Natura's program, what do you recommend I do? I see you like the pH Ion Greens for alkalizing my body. Anything else?

2) What foods should I focus on while on the colon cleanse? Can I eat things like quinoa, sweet potatoes, whole wheat bread, brown rice? Things like that? I know to eat lots of vegetables. But what else is OK?

3) Do you think this will help with my adrenals and thyroid also?

Thank you so much for your suggestions and support. So many people, even doctors, seem oblivious to these things.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Hi Joleen,

I've been there - I know the desperation you feel. It was a long time ago (I was in my early 20's), but your story brings back a lot of powerful emotions for me.

My hormones were so completely out of whack and I felt like I was living in the body of a senior citizen. My anxiety was so bad I used to have terrible panic attacks. I was so exhausted I used to fantasize about going into hibernation! The littlest things took so much effort. Life just wasn't fun.

Yet my physician at that time thought I was crazy. He never would have said that, mind you, but I know that's what he thought.

My body couldn't convert T4 to T3 (my diagnosis, not his - he said I just needed some Prozac).

After a lot of arguing (and a bag of all the hair I had lost in the last few days), he finally agreed to write me a natural T3 prescription. I took the T3 for while, increasing my dose every day according to my body temperature. The very first day I felt like a new person. I thought I had figured everything out.

Yet a little while after I had weaned myself off of the T3, the symptoms came back. I started another course of T3, but it didn't work as well as the first time. The third course of T3 didn't do anything. I cried a lot during that time.

Around that time I stumbled upon some information on candida albicans. Like I said before, I had tried so many different products that claimed to be a candida cure.

Some worked better than others, but those horrible candida symptoms always managed to creep back.

I was so tired of all the "band aids" that I spent a lot of time researching why I had all these health problems. That brought me to
understand about body pH balance and natural body detox.

You need to get rid of candida first and foremost. It puts so much stress on your body's organs, especially the liver. Your liver regulates much of your hormones, and is directly responsible for converting T4 to T3.

When your liver is overwhelmed with the toxic byproducts of candida, your whole body suffers.

But when you kill off large numbers of candida, your liver is put under even more stress. This is because the candida release even more toxins when they die, which is why you can feel so terrible. It is actually quite stressful for all of your organs, which is why going on a whole body cleanse while killing off the candida is so helpful - it will support your body.

The colon provides one of the major ways the body gets rid of toxins (it's also where your liver dumps its toxins). If your colon is backed up with old fecal matter, it will not be efficient in ridding your body of waste. When your body can't eliminate those toxins, they get reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

A polluted colon will also prevent you from absorbing some nutrients from food - they just can't get through the impacted fecal matter. This is why a lot of times people with severe candida want to eat all the time. Our bodies are crying out for the nutrients, but when we eat it can't get to them.

I realize this is very long, but I'm trying to demonstrate why you need a comprehensive program, instead of just one component (like the candida cleanse).

As far as becoming addicted to colon cleanses, I've not heard of that. Does she know these people personally? Doubtful. I find it curious that the biggest skeptics of these programs have never tried any of them personally.

People so inclined do tend to do a whole body cleanse once a year or so, more if their bodies need it. That's typically what I do.

Yes, some people might think I'm crazy. But they're also the people who can't explain why everyone but me gets sick at work with whatever is going around.

So as for your questions:

1) I don't know. The first time you go on the program it's for three whole months. We'll have to see how you are feeling after that.

2) You can eat whatever you want. If I were you I would avoid sugar, refined grains, soy and polyunsaturated fats as much as possible.

Organic virgin coconut oil would be a big plus to add to your diet.

Don't drink unfiltered tap water if you have public water. The chlorine and fluoride in that water will make it difficult to repopulate your gut with the good bacteria.

3) Yes, I do think it will help your hormones get back into balance. Probably not all the way, as it took a long time for your body to get to this point. But it should help a lot. I believe your adrenal glands are exhausted because you have so little energy. They're like a back up generator for your body. When that back up generator has to be on all the time, it wears out fast. Getting rid of the candida and balancing your body pH will allow your body's energy levels to come back. Then your adrenals can take a much needed rest.

The main reason I put this site together is to help people avoid all the pitfalls I fell into when trying to reclaim my health.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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Then I better get some money
by: Victor

I am someone who just down right refuses to take pharmaceutical drugs( you know those many many pills with deathly side effects for many of them?). I want to cure the cause and not just "treat" the symptoms. Maybe I should try and find a doctor who knows about candida where I live. I am taking a candida cleanse for a month as that is all I can afford right now.

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