Candidiasis Treatment

by Brooke

Hi Melissa, I have been suffering from a whole bunch of symptoms for the past 6 months that I now believe is from SEVERE systemic candidiasis (actually I been told I am by a holistic doctor, but the stubborn me had to make sure first).

I been looking on the internet for candidiasis treatment options and came across your site. My major complaints are the extreme brain fog, feeling out of sorts, zoned out space cadet feeling. I once had more energy than my 2 young children put together, now....none.

I feel like my life and my family are falling apart! I started taking Nystatin a few days ago, but I am desperate to get my life back to the way it used to be. PLEASE HELP. Any suggestions to speed up the process? I get really depressed and start to think that I'll feel this way forever...lost and depressed....I would really appreciate a response.



Hi Brooke,

I know exactly how you feel. I battled a severe systemic candida infection for many years.

I tried so many products, I lost count.

Generally they helped me feel better for a bit, but then the candida symptoms would come back. It took me a long time to figure out how to get better and stay better.

That's part of the reason I put together the site - to save people like me the hassle and frustration that I went through.

The Nystatin will kill off at least some of the yeast, but it doesn't address the reason you got candida overgrowth in the first place.

Unless you fix the root of the problem, the yeast will come back after the drug is stopped.

Nystatin also might very well cause a candida die-off reaction that will make you feel worse then you already do (hard to believe I know).

If you have had this condition for a long time, your organs of elimination (liver, kidneys, colon and skin) are already terribly overwhelmed by the toxins the candida are releasing.

When you kill them off they release even more toxins. You need to be supporting those organs and cleaning them out during treatment or your body will just reabsorb those toxins.

Those two reasons are why I don't recommend anti-fungals as a candidiasis treatment.

If you haven't already, read the candida albicans guide that I put together.

It will tell you all you need to know to get your life back. The product I recommend on my natural candida cleanse page is the only one I've found that addresses all the many facets of a candida infection.

It's about $300 for the three month program (for both ToxinOut and Colonix), but believe me it's worth every penny. It has helped me and my family members as well as numerous visitors to this site.

And I know I spent way more then that on various treatments that only provided short term relief.

Please seriously consider it. I know how horrible it is to have to walk around like a zombie all day. To feel like you are 80 years old and going senile.

It really gets to me when I get letters from people that are going through what I went through. And it means a lot to me to be able to help them.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or if I can be of further help.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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Natural remedies for Candidiasis
by: Rosali

Candida is a popular term for Candidiasis commonly known as yeast overgrowth. Symptoms come up depending upon the system involved.

Allopathic treatment include anti - fungal both oral and tropical use.They do not cure Candida but are merely a way of suppressing it.

One should try combination of Ayurveda and homoeopathy.
These remedies work by helping you develop Candida specific immunity, helping your body maintain a healthy bacterial flora, thus making conditions in your body inhospitable to Candida and other yeast and fungal infections and boosting your immune system, thus preventing future episodes.

Ayurvedic herbs work to balance the manifestation of 5 elements that govern all functions of our body whereas homoeopathic remedies address to the root cause of the disease.

Some of the frequently used remedies are War1M CND formula, X20 MYCOTOX formula and X20 Mycotoxin inhibitor.

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