Differences Between Saliva pH and Urine pH Readings

by Ulrich
(South Africa)

Hi. I just want to ask what the differences are for the saliva pH and urine pH tests. My saliva tests are falling pretty much at around 7, but my urine is falling really bad at around 6 or sometimes even 5. So what does that mean? Some websites say that the saliva is the best way to know what is going on inside your body. I started doing the tests because I feel really tired lately.


Hi Ulrich,

You need to make sure you are testing at the right time to give you an accurate pH reading. This applies both to your urine pH and saliva pH.

Test your saliva first thing in the morning. If it is at 7 like you said, then that means your body has adequate levels of alkaline minerals.

For urine, you'll want to check the first and second one of the day. The first urine is not as accurate as it mirrors what you had to eat the day before. The reading should be in the acidic range. If you ate more acid forming foods, it should be more acidic - more alkaline forming foods will make it less acidic.

What's more important is that second urine of the day. If the reading comes back slightly acid (around 6.8), that is letting you know that your kidneys are flushing out the extra acids as they should. If the value is a lot lower, it means that your kidneys are overwhelmed and your body is burdened by excess acidity.

You see, our kidneys are responsible for eliminating strong acids from our body (and our skin too, but it plays a smaller role).

Unfortunately, the kidneys can only neutralize a certain amount of acids in a given time. They can't speed things up when we are dealing with high acidity.

That's because the strong acids they process can be damaging to the kidneys and must first be heavily diluted.

Most of us do not drink near enough water every day, which severely limits the amount of acid waste our kidneys can dilute and pass.

An easy way to help our kidneys out is by drinking lots of pure water every day (around 2-3 liters).

You can also take a great supplement called acid drainage that's on my alkaline supplements page. It assists your kidneys and skin in processing acids safely. But you still need to drink a lot of water with it, so you might want to try just the water first.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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diff. bet. saliva and urine ph readings
by: Hilda

I have the opposite situation. Whether first, second, third, or fourth, my urine test is around 8.0 - very dark blue, while my saliva test at the same time is from 6.2 to 6.6. despite all the raw food, lime, juice, baking soda, enzymes, etc.


Hi Hilda,

There are three very different reasons why your urine would test consistently at 8.0. Check out my page on urine pH for that info.

Wishing you the best of health,
Approach Wellness

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