For General Feeling of Malaise Check Vitamin D Levels and Body pH

by Mandy
(Shelby, NC)

Any idea why I feel bad so often? I just feel achy at random times. Achy enough to where I take my temperature.

Sometimes I don't have one and other times I am running a low grade fever of like 99.3 or something. It's frustrating!

Every single month there is probably a minimum of 5 days where I am sick with some sort of sickness whether it be a cold, strep, bronchitis, stomach issues, sinus infection (you name it, I get it).

A maximum of 10 or more sometimes days where I don't feel good. It makes me think there is something seriously wrong with me. I can't seem to stay well and if I am well, I am worrying about the next time I am going to get sick... or if someone has the slightest cold or scratchy throat, I want to stay miles and miles away from them and even then, I would probably still catch it.

I just don't understand my health or why my immune system seems to be so weak. Any ideas?


Hi Mandy,

Did you read the answer I gave you here?

You'll need to do two simple tests to check your body pH and vitamin D levels.

Once we know those results, we can go from there.

Otherwise I can't do much more to help you.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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