How Low-Carb Diets Affect Candida

by Laurie

Hi Melissa. I was wondering if a low-carb diet would be the key to being free of candida? Thanks.


Hi Laurie,

It can be a way to get rid of candida albicans in the short term. They feed on sugar, after all, so any kind of simple carbohydrate will keep them fed and happy.

Generally speaking, you could eat as much of the low glycemic veggies as you want though.

If you go back to eating more refined carbs and sugar, it's likely the yeast will come back if your underlying issues aren't addressed.

Correcting an acidic body pH, cleaning out the colon, and repopulating your gut with beneficial bacteria will keep candida away for good (see natural candida cleanse for a product that does all of the above).

Have you tried organic unrefined coconut oil? It has many compounds that kill off candida - and doesn't require a major overhaul of one's diet (see coconut oil benefits).

If you do try the coconut oil, work up to a few tablespoons a day. Eating too much too fast can cause a bad candida die off reaction which will make you feel awful.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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