Immune System Supplements and Whole Food

by Mandy
(Shelby, NC)

Thank you for your answer on supplements for a strong immune system and better health.

I have a follow up question:

Do I eventually need to add more of the other supplements or minerals, such as vitamin A or zinc? I know you had mentioned on your site how good these were for your immune system and their good benefits.


Hi Mandy,

You should try your best to get your nutrition from eating whole foods. Supplements to bolster a weak immune system, or any health condition really, should be used as a secondary method of nutrition.

It is true that getting the proper amount of vitamins and minerals from food can be difficult, especially if you are eating food grown conventionally in poor quality soil.

But eating conventionally grown whole food is still better than eating processed junk food and taking synthetic vitamins.

The immune system vitamins I mention are important, as are the list of minerals for immune health. But you should be focused on getting them through whole food sources instead of popping lots of pills.

I do feel like I'm not making this clear enough on my supplement pages. Stay tuned as I'll be adding the best food sources for each of the vitamins and minerals.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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