Supplements for Strong Immune System and Better Health

by Mandy
(Shelby, NC)

Hey... thanks for the previous information you gave me on healthy, high-calorie foods. It was very helpful & I appreciate you responding so quickly.

I am in love with your website & have been reading it non-stop lately.

I wanted to let you know the vitamins & supplements (the brands) I am taking at this moment as I am trying to better my health.

I would like for you to let me know if you think these vitamins are good, natural & healthy for me as I know some supplements & vitamins have extra ingredients in them that are not so healthy.

I am taking "Daily Total One", which is a multi-vitamin I take each day. I get this from "Plum Natural" which is a health food/organic store in my area which is in Forest City, N.C. The brand name is "Country Life". Not sure if you have heard of it or not?

I am also taking Vitamin C (500mg) a few times a day. I take 2 at one time & sometimes (if I remember) I take one more later on in the day. This is also the same brand (Country Life).

I just starting taking zinc yesterday. It's 50mg & I have only been taking one a day. Should I take more right now or ease my way into taking more? This is also the brand "Country Life".

I also just started taking Vitamin A & D3 yesterday. It's a supplement with both of these vitamins in one. Is this okay? It is 10,000 IU of Vitamin A & 400 IU of Vitamin D3 (from Cod Liver Oil). I also have another supplement of Vitamin D3 that I was taking BEFORE I bought the Vitamin A that included the Vitamin D3. It was 400 IU's also but I bought this from the grocery store & the brand name of this is "Sundown Naturals". I stopped taking this one though after getting the other.

I also have B-12 Vitamin which is 250 mcg. The brand name is "Spring Valley". Not sure if you had heard of this? Or if it's okay to take?

I take L-Lysine sometimes because I heard it helps with mouth ulcers & recently I got a "horrible" mouth ulcer so starting take this. It was from CVS.

And Lastly, I am taking a Probiotic that I buy from Hallelujah Acres. I take this once per day. Should I take more than that in one day?

I guess I am just curious if I am on the right track? Is it safe to take all these vitamins together? I am planning to add more also when I have the money to buy them, like Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene & some of the other vitamins & minerals you recommend. I'd just like to know if I'm on the right track here or if you recommend anything for me specifically with my weight of 95 (not even sure if this matters) but if you recommend anything else for me personally?

Sorry so long... I just wanted you to know what I was doing already so you could better understand me personally. My diet is changing but slowly. I have grown up eating the fast food, basically whatever I want diet. However, that is changing little by little & I am trying to eat things that benefit my body more. This is not easy for someone who has lived on another diet their whole life but my health is really important to me so I AM changing my lifestyle. Just having to take it one step at a time.

Thanks so much & look forward to hearing back from you & hearing your advice.


Hi Mandy,

Thank you for the compliments on my site. I have put countless hours into it and I'm always thrilled when someone lets me know that it is appreciated.

Okay, now onto your questions. I appreciate the enthusiasm you are putting into your health, but are you happy taking so many supplements everyday?

I think you, and your wallet :), would be much better off with a good whole food multivitamin. The multi you are taking now is not from whole food sources.

Unfortunately, most vitamin and mineral supplements are synthetic. Our bodies can have a hard time absorbing nutrients in this way.

Yes, synthetics are much cheaper than natural nutrient complexes, but you're not getting a good deal if your body can't utilize them properly.

Actually, synthetics end up being more expensive if you look at them from the point of nutrition gained per dollar spent.

I use and LOVE the brand New Chapter. They are one of a tiny number of supplement companies that are committed to providing GMO-free, organic whole food supplements.

Always try to get most of your nutrition from eating whole foods though. Supplementation should come second to that. Then you can evaluate your diet and see what nutrients you might be lacking.

Vitamin D is almost always one of those nutrients we lack, unless you happen to spend a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen.

You'll need more than what you are taking though. And I definitely wouldn't pair it with such a high amount of vitamin A. Otherwise when you try to get enough vitamin D, you'll end up overdosing on vitamin A. See vitamin D dosage for how much you need.

Besides, most vitamin D supplements are also synthetic. See natural vitamin D for my recommendations on choosing the right vitamin D.

If I were you, I'd invest in a high-quality whole food supplement, a vitamin D supplement, a good source of omega-3, vitamin C (see best vitamin C) and maybe some probiotics if you need them. All can be taken together just once a day.

Lysine supplementation is an effective treatment for cold sores, but once you get your vitamin D levels up to where they should be, outbreaks shouldn't be a problem.

Try your best to eat as much whole food as possible, slowly reduce the processed foods, and go from there.

See how you feel and gradually make changes accordingly.

Wishing you the best of health,

Approach Wellness

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Immune System Supplements
by: Mandy

Thank you for this! I appreciate your help!

I have been looking for someone to answer questions like these for a long time & I must say, it is difficult finding people who have the knowledge in this stuff! So, your help is MUCH appreciated!

And I am going to go ahead & apologize for the many questions I have asked you thus far and the many questions, comments or emails I am going to write to you in the future! Haha.


Hi Mandy,

It's not a problem. Questions like yours is why I built this site. I am going to break your questions up by topic, however, so others can benefit. I'll include links to the other questions/answers so you can find them easily.

Best regards,

Approach Wellness

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